final fantasy XIV

Cosplayer: Pez

Variant: Warrior artifact armour

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

1st December 2015: Skirt Pleated pleather! (wow that's a mouthful!) It's lined with a dark orangey faux suede.

I hope I'll never have to pleat pleather again. D:

1st December 2015: Various armour bits The paint job. It looks more metallic in real life actually!

1st December 2015: Various armour bits More armour. These ones are for the legs. The spikes are resin again, and have to be drastically shaped at the bottom (with a dremel. SO MUCH DUST) so that they fit on the curve of the armour.

1st December 2015: Various armour bits - Shoulder bits are covered with faux suede.

- Most of the hand guard (?) is just thick EVA foam shaped with heat and dremelling. The more fragile bits are worbla-covered. The spikes are cast using resin.

- The two silver dangly bits are made of resin with aluminium filler powder. I first sculpted it using clay, then made a silicone mould. Then I cast 4 copies, glued them back to back to make 2 of these things.

1st December 2015: Helmet 2 The tiny horns above the eyebrows have to be made smaller than how they are in the game, otherwise the visor physically won't work. The visor is secured by magnets once it's raised.

1st December 2015: Helmet 1 I carved a horn out of expanding foam, then put masking tape on it to help me create a pattern, which is then used to make the horns.

The whole thing is made of EVA and worbla.