Fire Emblem: Awakening

Cosplayer: Pez

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Kitacon 2014

29th May 2015: Wig and makeup test Annoyingly the contact lenses don't show up very well.

29th May 2015: And finally I forgot to take progress pics of the dress and stuff, oops.

29th May 2015: Altogether now Who thought this was a good idea. ._.

29th May 2015: Top armour Fortunately, the character design does show straps and those straps actually work!

29th May 2015: Wings Because there are wings on the knees...............

29th May 2015: Knee pieces Heavier than I'd like, really. The lower leg pieces help keep them up, though.

29th May 2015: Patterning the armour It's just paper!

29th May 2015: Connections Made out of worbla with screws in the back. There are holes punched in the leather straps so that these buttons can go through and then fasten things together.