Claire Redfield
Resident Evil: Code Veronica X

Cosplayer: Mungojerrie

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

9th April 2015: Jacket complete! I'm always quite hesitant to do tshirt transfer paper ironing but this turned out so much better than I anticipated! So happy with it :)

6th April 2015: Vest modification After sewing on the buttons, I removed the two pockets on the front of the vest. I was originally going to just leave them on, however when I realised my vest has the same seams as Claire's, I decided to just go for it and I love how much better it looks!

6th April 2015: Vest modification Originally the vest had these buttons like the ones you get on jeans. I removed them all (with brute force as nothing else seemed to do the job hahaha) and then replaced the two bottom ones with silver buttons like Claire has. At some stage I might sew the holes up but it's not a priority until I get the rest of it finished.

1st April 2015: In progress! Made a last minute decision to make this for Amechibi next week! The only major thing that needs doing is the vest and I've already ordered a jacket to be altered :) Should be here in the next couple days.

Also started on the Let Me Live design on the back of the jacket to transfer when it arrives. Not sure I'm liking it so far though :( But I'm sure it'll be fine when I've finished it!

TheStarlightFairy has also let me borrow her wig for this which sorts that out! :D

Valentine Cosplay Gaming avatar

Valentine Cosplay Gaming - 6th April 2015
Cant wait to see this good luck.