Borderlands 2

Cosplayer: ShingLang

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Most Distinctive Bootprint Award

Showcased 3rd June 2021

Mighty Odango avatar

Mighty Odango - 9th January 2014
Awesome! Looking forward to seeing it at Minami!

ShingLang avatar

ShingLang - 11th January 2014
Thank u! I'll upload progress photos as I go along :)

Mighty Odango avatar

Mighty Odango - 20th February 2014
The automail looks fantastic, I love the paint job - looks perfectly cartoonish

Tsuchinoko avatar

Tsuchinoko - 10th March 2014
Hi, it was great meeting you at the Minamicon Masquerade =)
Loved the cartoony pen-stroke details on your cosplay, it was very effective and a neat idea ^^