Mitsuki Nase
Kyoukai no Kanata

Cosplayer: Aisuhimeriae

Variant: Spring uniform (retired)

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

16th February 2014: Costume complete!~ Finally got the outfit together today (with the right wig this time lol!) and while I'm missing the correct shoes and wore tights instead of socks (it's very windy thanks to the miserably British weather), it's pretty much all together so I'm marking her as completed! :)

3rd February 2014: In which I totally brought the wrong wig with me... XD Tried on the outfits with LullabyMeth as Mirai <333 Massive durp and brought Azunyan's wig with me <_<;;; But the outfit is so cute and comfortable to wear!

5th January 2014: Costume order~ Outfit has been ordered from Taobao along with Danni's for her Mirai. :D Still unable to find a Yakiimo on Taobao though. >:

21st December 2013: Wig order~ Ordered my wig from Kucos on Taobao~

WhiteWraith avatar

WhiteWraith - 17th February 2014
You make a great Mitsuki :)