Alyndra (City Elf Warden)
Dragon Age Origins

Cosplayer: Jenivere

Variant: Original Character, Alienage Clothes Style (City Elf Origin Story)

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Marmite-666 avatar

Marmite-666 - 28th December 2013
There needs to be a Dragon Age meet :3
Good luck ^^

Jenivere avatar

Jenivere - 3rd February 2014
There is going to be a nice big Dragon Age meet at MCM May :D cosplayers and fans more than welcome to join!

Jenivere avatar

Jenivere - 3rd February 2014
Ignore previous comment now I have actually remembered to click on your profile! See you at MCM :)

Kad'tor avatar

Kad'tor - 20th May 2014
Thanks for the comments on Varric, he is now done and ready to roll out, just need to fix up the wig a little on the day. There's a pic up of the full thing if you'd like to take a look. When is this meet?