The Witch
Left 4 Dead

Cosplayer: Jae

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

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KitaCon 2010

16th September 2010: Repainted!! Decided to repaint the claws because I realised they're actually pretty red..might add some more 'fresh blood' at some point! I didn't want them black anymore~

10th September 2010: JCC! I've decided to re-cosplay her for JCC at the end of the month :)!
I'm trying to make improvements on her as I type (yay hacking up the wig!(I'ts shorter and thinner now :D))). AH! Need to buy some more tights! Must remember, the other ones are wrecked.

Might do a face test to refresh my memory and try and improve it; not done the makeup since Kita lol.


6th April 2010: whee Decided to actually start using this! (wheey)
I Debuted her at Kitacon and wow it was so much fun running around scaring people hehe! Thankyou to everyone who took pics of our group!
Now I'm back I can start tweaking the costume,actuslly got some good advice from /cgl/ (is that a gasp i hear?) regarding the wig and face makeup which was very much appreciated :). I just need to make the facial grossness more defined so it's not washed out in pictures, cut the wig a bit shorter and make it as disgusting as possible. Or buy a platinum blonde one, but i do like the one I already have, will have to see.

I'm not too sure when I'm going to wear her again, I definatley will! But I don't know when because I'm planning to do the Smoker to may expo, will have to have a thiink.

PinkCharlieBear avatar

PinkCharlieBear - 10th January 2010
Ohwow this is looking awesome, but really creepy too ;-; I cant wait to see this at Kita.
Particular well done on the makeup, its wicked! And the claws, it'll be ace when its done 8D

goodbyeworld avatar

goodbyeworld - 10th January 2010
This looks so awesome! But so scary! The claws are so awesome, what did you make them out of?

Jae avatar

Jae - 10th January 2010
Eee Thank you so much *o*! I'm hoping it'l turn out ok hehe! 8D

Jae avatar

Jae - 10th January 2010
Ahh, My dad managed to find me some insulation foam and I've just used a saw, stanley knife and drillbit to make them so far :3

SephNoir avatar

SephNoir - 10th January 2010
Really looking forward to seeing the finished fingers! I've not yet seen a witch in the UK so I'll definitely look out for you at Kita!

Bambi. avatar

Bambi. - 16th January 2010
Coming along nicely miss :) xx

sjbonnar avatar

sjbonnar - 17th January 2010
This is looking amazing! I've seen this done poorly too many times and I'm really looking forward to it!

Manjou avatar

Manjou - 17th January 2010
Looks awesome, can't wait to see this at Kita ^_^ Have you thought of putting the witch cry eg onto an mp3 player with a speaker and playing it really loud while you huddle in a corner? Just to see how many people actively avoid you XD (Or try to startle you XD)

Jae avatar

Jae - 17th January 2010
Thankyoo guys~8DD!! I'm hoping it'll turn out ok! <3

Wahh! Manjou that's an awesome idea >:D! I'll have to see what I can do :D hehe I could have the music too ^o^! Ooh! and if anyone disturbs me I could turn on the "pissed off" witch sound XD whee~ 8D

MoonLily avatar

MoonLily - 1st February 2010

And totally awesome! 8D

picklesofdoom avatar

picklesofdoom - 1st February 2010
ooooh mai....tis scary and very creepy awesome m'dear! Can't wait to see your finished witch at Kita (I best not try to startle you...don't wanna make the witch angry lol) If you get the sounds, that'll be so cool! :D

x x ttfn x x

JakeX avatar

JakeX - 1st February 2010
*shotgun bang*...................sorreh i just killed one T-T

Look forward to seeing the finished result (Y)

Mothfox avatar

Mothfox - 1st February 2010
very good ^.^ and scary toooooooo

kitty avatar

kitty - 1st February 2010
this is disgustingly awesome!!

Manga Girl avatar

Manga Girl - 2nd February 2010
Epic win cosplay here! Can't wait to see it at Kita :D

Yuka avatar

Yuka - 2nd February 2010
This looks TERRIFYING ;___; I'm kinda glad I'm not going to KitaCon anymore otherwise I'd be cowering in my hotel room the entire con lol!! Looking forward to seeing your finished photos... kind of... if I can find the courage XD;;

PixiePopNixie avatar

PixiePopNixie - 3rd March 2010
That looks pretty damn freaky O_o

You've made it look so real... IT's so good

Anggul avatar

Anggul - 22nd March 2010
Looks so real, looking scary :)

Well to most at least. We don't fear witches, just flank her silently with a couple of guys with spas shotguns and mince her XD

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 30th March 2010
Look at you being all creepy :P Btw, we are trying to organise a L4D night shoot at expo if you two are up for it?

Jae avatar

Jae - 30th March 2010
lol thankyoo peoples <3! :D Oooh I'll have to talk to James about it! it would be wicked though! >:D

HotshotShan avatar

HotshotShan - 6th April 2010
This was amazing! Those shots are scary stuff. Really annoyed my camera didnt work first tiem round when I wanted a picture XD

Manjou avatar

Manjou - 6th April 2010
That photo I took of you was probably my favourite shot of the whole con! ;) You were a great witch, I can't believe you wore those salad fingers all day though; how did you pick things up?

ViewtifulD avatar

ViewtifulD - 7th October 2010
Heeee you used our deadpool pic x'D you are the master jesspants.

Lozzie avatar

Lozzie - 14th November 2010
LOVED this costume! Very very cool :D