Dave Strider
Homestuck - MS Paint Adventures

Cosplayer: pygidia

Variant: God Tier

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

AyaCon 2013

19th July 2013: almost done! colours came out okay, although could probably be better. just got the trouser stripes to do now

i'm rethinking wearing this to aya as i'm terrified i'm gonna melt!

18th July 2013: dyyyying uggh dying caused me so much stress i have been literally too scared to do it but i took the plunge. my top t-shirt had come out the same colour as the long-sleeved one i had so i needed to dye it a couple of shades darker. i bought dylon's burlesque red thinking that it should make the right colour as long as i didn't soak it for too long.

just waiting on it drying and i guess i'll have to see tomorrow!

12th July 2013: nuntier achieved ahhh picking fabrics is such a scary thing for me, but i guess it's something that will come with experience. i'm really pleased with the colour, and although this hangs nicely i think if i were to do it again i would have gone for something with better flow.

the coif gave me a bit of confusion and it is a little big, but as the material is not very stretchy this is probably a good thing.

SyntheticAudio avatar

SyntheticAudio - 19th August 2013
You were amazing!