Sorceress Adel
Final Fantasy 8

Cosplayer: Sammykins

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

30th October 2013: Gettin' some ink/fabric paint The painting of all her tattoos/ covering pieces was more time consuming then I thought. But it turned out well, even if I did burn through a few pots of black fabric paint (and to which I am really thankful that I have an awesome boyfriend who did a hobbycraft run for me!).

30th October 2013: Buff! Originally the plan was to carve foam muscles to put on the bottom leotard, with a second leotard over that to hide it. However, this idea sucked for time purposes, ease purposes and didn't actually look that great. So I was desperate, and improvised with some foam fillets I had used for a previous cosplay project. They worked well and suited my frame much better and saved soooooooo much time! I literally managed to get these muscles in a morning lol.

Weirdly enough, these were everyone's favourite thing when I wore the costume. You funny people, you.

30th October 2013: Belting up take 2! I had made one version of the belt when I was originally trying to do this for ayacon, but it was so flimsy, and I just did one solid colour of gold which looked odd and tacky and flaked off easily. In all, it sucked and I wasn't happy with it. But on the plus side, it gave me a little experience with worbla, and I learnt how easy it was to damage to worbla if you heat it too long (part of it was thinner and stretched and had heat bubble damage!).

So this time I have myself more than two days - I have myself a week lololol. I used the old belt which I had measured to myself as a template for the new one, cut out a base, then used it to create another paper template to create a second layer which had the 'gems' cut out. This second layer would provide more stability and help me with making the paintwork look more decent. I also added another layer at the back where the two halves joined, and where the front pieces curved upwards, so they didn't bounce so much! The pic is the result of all the finished worbla work :)

5th October 2013: Bangles of Doom These were made when I was in pre-con rush mode. I originally wanted Adel done for Ayacon 2013, so a couple of days before we were due to set off I begun on these, having never worked with worbla at all. I seem to surpass myself in the cray stakes with each new cosplay lol.

They ended up not being too bad to make - I started with paper templates so I could get it to fit my own wrists, then I drew them onto the worbla and cut them out. You can see from the picture that I had a base template, and the template for the zig-zag design. Once cut out, I laid the zig-zag onto the base, and used a heat gun to glue them together. After it had stuck and cooled, I used a little more heat to create the curvature.

The next part was some careful paint work between the zig-zags, and some even more careful 3D painting around the sides and the zig-zag to make them stand out even more before the gold paint was added. I plan to add a few flat backed gemstones to these to give them that finishing touch, so they're not quite done yet!

5th October 2013: The Sash of Evil I call this the sash of evil...but it's been really fun to work on!

I started off by placing the sash in dye, and taking a little out at a time to get the gradient effect. Once dry, I wasn't too happy with the bottom, which in reference pictures always looked like a more sinister red. So, I took to fabric painting again! (This seems to be my backup plan for most dye fails, doesn't it??)

Once I had made the red at the bottom more angry, I dirtied the very bottom hem up a little to go with the reference and to make the black blob flames seem more in place. I rather like how it turned out!

5th October 2013: BRINGMEBACKTHERE I finished these a while back now, but have only just got round to putting it up here!

I got some cheap gloves from eBay, and had two problems. First, they were massive, so I had to do some extreme resizing, and second, when I tried to dye a light purple them along with the leotards for Adel, I'm pretty sure they came out from the dye whiter than when they went in! So definitely not cotton gloves then lol.

So I had to resort to fabric painting these. Fabric painting is cool, but because these would stretch once I was wearing them, it meant that I had to wear them while painting them to avoid it cracking when stretched. Once the base purple was done, I layered darker shades on the finger tips before working it up to black on the very tips. I then hot glued long fake nails that I had pre-painted black with nail polish to get a very creepy and evil look.

I just have to remember not to poke myself in the eye when wearing them (which has already happened a couple of times trying them on... T_T)

8th September 2013: Starting from the tippy top When I start my costumes I normally for some unknown reason start planning from the top, so the first thing I normally go hunting for is the wig.

But with Adel, the tippy top of her is not her wig, but actually her horns. And it had been such a long time since I had worked with one of my favourite cosplay materials, Hearty clay, that I launched straight into these.

Hearty clay dries super light, so these aren't heavy at all. I rolled it out, roughly shaped it (actually harder than I thought it would be!), propped it up in a way to allow for the bend in the horns to stay in place, and let it dry. There were a lot of pit holes and marks in the dried result, so some sanding was needed - you can see the difference between the non sanded result and the sanded result in the picture on the left.

After sanding and priming came the really fun part- painting! I love painting props and accessories. It took a few layers, but I'm pretty pleased with the result. I took a little artistic liberty with the tips and bottoms of them as the graphics in the game are fairly simple and I thought it made them a tiny bit more sinister.

26th June 2013: IWILLNEVERLETYOUFORGETABOUTME So there are some scary(ish) things about this cosplay - mainly because they are things I have not tried before. I have naver made horns before, or dyed material, or worn face paint, or a hoop skirt, or made a muscle suit before!!

But I love the game and this character really doesn't get enough love from the cosplay community, so when my friend announced she was going to be cosplaying Rinoa, this was my immediate choice. Plus I've never been a baddie before and really wanna cosplay someone with red eyes (oh, so shallow!)

But what was easy were the earrings...took me longer to buy the beads then it did to make these (and it will probably be the only easy part of this cosplay!). I've taken a little artistic liberty as in the FMV they're a bit plainer than the beads I have selected. But if you were an all powerful sorceress, wouldn't you bling it up a bit?? So I pimped these out a smidge haha.

ElegantAura avatar

ElegantAura - 24th September 2013
Can't wait for this one to come alive! You're gonna be pretty scary, in a good way of course :)

ToroSonyCat avatar

ToroSonyCat - 5th October 2013
Looks awesome so far!

ArcaneArchery avatar

ArcaneArchery - 3rd November 2013
Fantastic cosplay and it was great to see it during the masquerade

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 5th November 2013
oh god yes ohhhhh god. amazing!

SamanthaKaiba avatar

SamanthaKaiba - 5th November 2013
This looks fantastic and great work on the outfit