Disney dresspheres (Skirtzzz)

Cosplayer: Raine

Variant: Goon

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

AyaCon 2013

5th August 2013: Rage rising Okay so chest plate done ish (I need to get thicker ribbon for the top bit) the arms cuffs are done with their white stripes. Working on the ones for my ankles but it's proving to be a pain if I want to use interfacing.... I think I have a new plan which will allow the sides to stretch so fingers crossed! The military rope for the shoulders are bought, I have the template for the hat done just need to sew it. I need to pick a thickness for the light pink stripes, not thinking on too thick. I need to cut off the head, hands and feet to the zentai suit.

---- problem? ----

I may not have the armguard. I don't think I'll have the time to make the wire frame, expanding foam and carve to then colour it so it'll be a TBC but I should have everything else done. Thank GAWD

23rd July 2013: Annoyed. I normally find the fabric I need in one of 3 places. Ebay, Amazon or Tissufabrics. I ordered the Aubergine lycra from Tissu fabric as it looked a pinky purple and lighter than the Wine shade. Just received it in the post and it looks similar to the Wine and not brighter at all. TissuFabrics why you suddenly fail me ;_;

--- edit ---

Also I may have ordered WAY more than I needed... woops!

21st July 2013: Progressing So I've started patterns for the chest plate, hat n fan. I'm waiting for the Aubergine lycra to arrive. I'm struggling to figure out wgat to do for the arm gaurd... oh n i need tassles still zzzzz!

19th July 2013: Zentai! Bought it today x3

18th July 2013: Maaaake up test! Lolol i'm enjoying this too much....

16th July 2013: More wig lol! Wig wins... Now I've got all the ringlets in it woot!

I was going to do a make-up test but skin says no.

16th July 2013: Wig Curling tongue 2 Raine 0. Owie ;_; Curse you ringlets!!

18th June 2013: Wig Practice! Okay I was trying to deside if I should buy a pre-ringleted wig (limited options) or to style my own for Anastasia. Then I remembered I have a red wig that I bought for Black Widow but looks more like Ariel and though, what the heck I'll practice on this! So I did.

Yasmia avatar

Yasmia - 19th August 2013
You looked so good! This group was so much fun!
Hopefully we can do these again at Kitacon!

Raine avatar

Raine - 19th August 2013
Thank you lovely! It was an amazing group, I had a blast :D

Unfortunately I wont be able to go to Kita as I am going to Disneyworld but I shall be at Amecon hopefully! :D

Angelphie avatar

Angelphie - 23rd August 2013
Love these designs and you both did such a good job on your costumes!

Freyarule avatar

Freyarule - 3rd September 2013
You both looked amazing! You definitely did the designs justice <3