Minami Takahashi / Takamina

Cosplayer: Aisuhimeriae

Variant: Casual

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

AyaCon 2013

30th April 2013: DIE RIBBON DIE FINALLY finished adding the ribbon to the skirt after many days of working on it in between uni and work. >,< The skirt is store bought from Zara, and was shortened as it came down to my knee initially. I know the skirt looks short but it has an unusually thick waistband, and it was easier to shorten it from the bottom so I didn't alter the waist. XD

I would've preferred a non-satin ribbon like Grosgrain but no luck finding it in a wider mm, and I have to admit I'm not happy with how the satin ribbon is a bit 'wrinkled' but as this is just a casual outfit, I don't want to stress on it too much in the end. :)

Handsewing 2.5m of ribbon is NOT fun, and of course it was done twice for top and bottom, so technically 5m of hand sewing... /dies

LemonPanda avatar

LemonPanda - 30th April 2013
ahhhh its looking goooodddd<3<3 cannot wait for this ; 3 ;
we WILL re inact that cute pose photo with takamina and tomochin!~<3