Yuko Oshima

Cosplayer: Nachtangel

Variant: Sugar Rush

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

13th May 2013: Complete! It's all done, every last detail. No pictures until the day but I'm super happy with it.
For the Icing I ended up using fray check as hemming went terribly wrong, glued on the gems, the bows were sewn on. Then I added poppers for the straps and added the yellow bow at the front and the big one at the back (this droopes quite a bit so I might have to go back to it) and DONE!
edit: added a sneak peek cause I couldnt resist (and yes I abused the Line camera app for this xD)

11th May 2013: Cake out of the oven The skirt is finally done. It's not perfect, I had a major cock up and had to add an extra section, but any major imperfections shall be covered with the icing. I've started the icing however I don't think I'll update with pictures until after expo. It's so close now I want the complete outfit to be a surprise. Well as much as it can be when you know exactly what I'm making

4th May 2013: Wig complete Cut the wig and I'm happy with it, it could be better but its at a point where its good enough that I don't want to do anything more to it in case I ruin it! The fact it was a curly wig is actually really helpful as the ends are slightly curling up nicely at the back. I'll start work on the skirt again soon as it's only 20 days till expo!

3rd May 2013: Wig progress My 2nd wig arrived today and the colour is much much better (though the photo doesn't show it off at all orz) I had hoped that I would be able to cut the ringlet curls off and save them for another wig however they started too high up so I ended brushing them out and straightening them. (sad face for having to ruin a lovely wig) I'll be cutting it over the weekend so fingers crossed that won't go terribly. I also got a head band for the bows to go on ^^

29th April 2013: Contacts So my contacts arrived and I'm not happy at all really. They don't make my eyes brown in the slightest, though they do make my eyes bigger. I have no money to buy anymore though (these were pricey enough tbh) so I'll be going with these.
Also this is the original wig I brought for it and was the wrong colour, fingers crossed the 2nd wig will be okay...

28th April 2013: On hold Progress for Sugar Rush is now on hold as I can't work on the skirt until nearer the time. I've come to a lovely but rather annoying predicament of that I'm losing weight and am already 3 inches smaller then what I've pinned the skirt to.
I'll go back to making the skirt and icing 2 weeks before expo to avoid any last minute alterations to the skirt.

27th April 2013: Nails done! All done, hopefully they won't be horribly uncomfortable on the day! Just waiting for my white thread to arrive so I can sew the skirt together and then get working on the icing.

26th April 2013: Something different... As every time I look at the skirt I glare at it I decided to work on somthing else, so I started on making a set of nails to wear with the outfit! Just a start, but I thought I'd show a little pic anyway ^^

24th April 2013: Ihatethisskirtsomuch So I've been working on this skirt every night for the past few days (it feels like forever tbh) and it's just not going well. Today I made the 'case' pleats at the bottom, thinking the weight might help but as you can see from the picture it's really wonky. I'm not really sure what to do with it, as I think its the petticoat. I'm going to play with it a little more and then sew all this together (everything is pinned atm) and maybe it'll look nice, if not hopefully the icing will cover it. Though I don't have high hopes.

21st April 2013: Lacey collar and sleeves Finally got around to the collar, had a little trouble getting it nicely rounded but I think I did okay. Also added the lace to the sleeves. No puff sleeves unfortunately but I don't have more of this fabric to attempt (fail) them.
Now all I have is the skirt to go! Hoping to get this finished this week.

20th April 2013: Bows done I hate bows now.

16th April 2013: More bows! I had some more motivation today so I made the bow and straps. In the picture I've just placed them over the shirt to show what it will look like, the straps will be attached to the icing once thats done, and I will then add the white lace panel (its just resting there for show) then too. Quite happy, also wanted to show the little mint bow for the hair, just need a scrap of yellow for the other one.

14th April 2013: Progress After a little delay due to general lack of motivation I've finally done some more!
I found a shirt I owned that would work for Yuko which I am so happy about because I honestly didn't think I'd be able to make one and I couldn't find any mint fabric dye.
So I've added the lace and cute buttons, I also added a heart one at the top to hide my poppers (it didn't have buttons right up to the collar) I just need to add some lace to the sleeves, which arent very puffy but I don't mind too much, and then of course add the collar which I'll make separately.

30th March 2013: Cuff finished! So the cuffs are done, I added the larger lace and found it looked terrible so this will have to do~ Held together by a popper beneath the buttons (which show on both sides) but I may add little darts later to make them stay on better.
Most likely going to start on the skirt next week, my Mayu found a great simple tutorial for how to do the bubble skirt so, if all goes to plan it should be super simple and quick!
I'm hoping to buy, dye and customise a blouse however that will have to wait until I have a little more cash orz (and once I've figured out how to dye something mint......)
So progress has slowed a little but it'll pick up soon ^^

23rd March 2013: Bowsbowsbows More progress on Yuko!
I made the big pink hair bow today (a lot puffier then it is in the picture) the two cuffs (buttons in the post) and started on the little bows for the icing (of which I then found I could buy premade and saved me the hassle and stress...im not good with bows orz) also included a picture of the adorable cupcake and ice cream buttons because they are adorable!
Having made these cuffs Ive decided the lace isn't big enough so I've order thicker lace to go behind. I've also brought her wig, which will need heavy cutting and styling because the only one I could find in a colour I was happy with is curly (of course).
Also I've almost finished the petticoat, I played around with it more and am much happier with the shape.
Fabric is all brought for the skirt so I should be starting that this week too.
Yay progress

19th March 2013: Start As I don't have long under May Expo I wanted to get started on this ASAP.
I've ordered a few pieces yesterday (all the lace, jewels and ribbon for the icing detail and some adorable little cake and ice cream buttons for the top) and then last night while discussing the cosplay with my Mayu had a moment of inspiration.
Years ago I brought a three hooped petticoat which has been awkwardly sat in my room gathering dust so I thought I'd make use of it!
I made the bottom hoop and the top hoop smaller and left the middle one about the same size it was. It needs a bit of tweaking at the back but otherwise I'm pretty damn happy with it. This was one of the parts I was worried about doing so I'm feeling super pumped for the rest of the cosplay!

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- - 24th March 2013
This is going to look so adorable!

Zep avatar

Zep - 25th March 2013
Can't wait to see this !!!

Izzy Cosplay avatar

Izzy Cosplay - 25th March 2013
;_; I can't wait for this

Aisuhimeriae avatar

Aisuhimeriae - 23rd April 2013
Omg Sugar Rush Yuuko-san!!! *____* It's looking awesome! Which day are you guys planning to do for this? Like you said would be awesome to have some piccus! <3

Nachtangel avatar

Nachtangel - 23rd April 2013
We're planning on Saturday I believe though we may wear it Sunday too ^^

Aisuhimeriae avatar

Aisuhimeriae - 11th May 2013
I love your journal updates :3 It's nearly there, defo can't wait to take piccus with at Expo! :D

HarryKurt avatar

HarryKurt - 29th May 2013
I loved seeing this cosplay, you looked so cuuuute. :3

ToroSonyCat avatar

ToroSonyCat - 29th May 2013
This is sooo cute, I love it!

CrystalNeko avatar

CrystalNeko - 9th August 2013
This was adorable! Was very happy to see some AKB loving (and /especially/ Sugar Rush!) at Hyper Japan. You two made me so happy, I love the shape of the skirt, so cute!