Team Fortress 2

Cosplayer: Andrew Armstrong

Variant: Blu Medic with Quick Fix

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Heorot avatar

Heorot - 16th March 2013
How has this not been commented on yet!? Loved seeing in-person at Expo (I was the FF7 Yuffie asking about your QF) which is ofc my fav. aspect of it :]

Andrew Armstrong avatar

Andrew Armstrong - 22nd March 2013
Thanks! I won't sadly have time to improve it for Gemucon, but I'll try and fix it up more for MCM in May; there are several improvements I could make (including fixing the water!).

MitsuFox avatar

MitsuFox - 13th April 2013
Oh man I hung out with you at Gemu. I was the red fem scout with the Soldier. Have to say your costume was mund blowing, great job man!

Ros3ify avatar

Ros3ify - 13th April 2013
i loved your cosplay haha ^^ it was great to meet you at gemucon

HannahShotFirst avatar

HannahShotFirst - 28th May 2013
Think it was you that I ran into at MCM this year, and you recognised me from here. Nice cosplay :-)

ShingLang avatar

ShingLang - 30th December 2013
You look SO awsome as Medic! That backpack must have given you a buttload of work! Very nice cosplay! And those group photos <3