Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

Cosplayer: Raine

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

22nd February 2013: Follow up Okay so 2 days ago I started the patterns and I finished sewing togeither the skirt with an elastic waist as near by I have no sewing/fabric shops so I couldn't get a zip... So upon getting up this morning I got out the iron n stared making my gold strips for the skirt, yes I could have bought gold ribbon but I didn't as I clearly like to complicate it for myself!

19th February 2013: Progress!! :D Patterns are cut out, waist bands done, my baggy trousers are done. Found my last spool of navy thread up the loft so time to get dooooown! Hoping to only need to do the gold trims tomorrow :3

18th February 2013: Amazment I was so amazed my dye colour blending worked so well I had to put it up as a cosplay image instead. Now I'll show you it wet and having only been in dying for 10 mins before I dragged it out in worry that I had added too much flamingo pink to my dusty pink batch! Lol :D

16th February 2013: Urg. Well the dye I used failed me as it came out far too light despite the fabric being cotton... The next pink dye is a bright pink soooo I need to pickle my brain a little...

15th February 2013: Dying Started the dying! I chose Dylon powder pink hand dye. I'm currently still stirring as I type this. Will take a photo of my endovors once dry :D

13th February 2013: Harem Trousers. So on my next day off I have my harem trousers to dye and I selected Dylons Powder Pink Hand Dye. It wasnt to bright or dark so I'm hoping it comes out the right shade. This method means I'll be standing dying the fabric for an hour, excited to see the results :D

11th February 2013: Shoes I was going to dye them but I had the right acrylic paints so I painted them insted! Tomorrow I work on the top and then I need to dye the trousers when the dye arrives :3 excited!

8th February 2013: Woo! I have everything I need for this cosplay!I just bought the shoes I need to paint today and I have all the fabric in my room so it's good to go! :D