Female Trainer
Pokemon Black/ White

Cosplayer: springinstep

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

22nd February 2013: Bag complete! This was really fun to do. I followed this tutorial for most of it: http://www.mommybydaycrafterbynight.com/2011/12/little-birdie-told-me-messenger-bag.html (though didn't include the flap because I don't think it's meant to have one, plus I made it a bit smaller than the measurements specified to make it look more life the one in the reference pic. The zip is just sewed on, it doesn't go to anything. And I sewed on a pop-fastener to close it.

22nd February 2013: Xtransceiver complete! I think this is what she has on her wrist? I have no idea, resource pics seem few and don't give a clear shot. But there seems to be something there and I figured it was this. Perhaps it was a bit cheap and tacky of me to make it out of felt, but I did it with very limited time and I think it came out okay.

20th February 2013: Pokemon Acquired! It just doesn't seem right to cosplay a Pokemon trainer without having a Pokemon. Snivy is my starter for my Pokemon Black game, so it had to be him. Picked him up from Buy-For-Less-Online at Amazon.

18th February 2013: Hat finished! A simple but fun little project. Found a plain white baseball cap which looked about right from j.a.m.manufacturing on eBay. Painted the peak and the top. The front pattern was painted into thin white felt and then attached via fabric glue. That way, if I made a mistake with the pattern I wouldn't have to get a whole new hat (again!).

18th February 2013: Wristbands done! These started off as a pair of black socks, which I have quite a few of. They were cut to length and then two strips of white felt were painted pink (this happens throughout the costume to keep the pink shade consistent). The strips were sewn on and then given a few more layers of paint to hide the stitching.

15th February 2013: Shorts finished! These were a little tougher than I first thought, but still fun. They started off as a pair of royal blue skinny trousers (from timeclothing2012 on eBay). I cut them to length, removed embellishments where needed and added the holes/ragged looking bits at the bottom. The white pockets (I presume) were added using some fabric I have leftover from another costume. The button was added, which I painted with nail polish (and added a top coat layer).

UchihaMonster avatar

UchihaMonster - 15th February 2013
This looks like it's going to be pretty good! Can't wait to see it when it's done. :)

UchihaMonster avatar

UchihaMonster - 24th February 2013
Looking great so far, well done! I think the bag and the Xtransceiver are really good as well, well done!

springinstep avatar

springinstep - 24th February 2013
Thanks! The costume is all done and it was great to wear to the event. But I'm going to wait until it's warmer before getting some proper pics.