Fate Testarossa Harlaown
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vivid

Cosplayer: Ichigo-Chan

Variant: Artbook pink dress

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

AyaCon 2013

1st July 2013: Bodice progress Been working on this 4 hours non-stop after work.

My bad - I never adding lining or bonding and yet I made all those details first which still needs to be sewn onto the bodice. Pretty much spent 4 hours making details. Ignore all those loose threads to be cut and the pins. Buttons are not sewn on properly, so they kept moving out of position.

30th June 2013: Skirt 90% complete Took almost an entire day to make & hem those ruffles, the bad news is I am running out of pink fabric, so let's hope the remaining pieces of fabric will be enough.

11th May 2013: Skirt WIP Started to work on the skirt today and I kind of like how the skirt flares out by itself and the fact that my hideous face is a bit blurry

I have made the front panel too oversized, so it will need major alterations. Also, I still need to hem and sew the skirt together properly, hence the reason why I am holding the skirt.

Since the only reference picture of the dresses is exaggerated, it was difficult to determine the actual size and shape of the skirt. The older characters skirts seem to be short at the front and long at the back whereas the younger characters skirt seem to be short all the way round?

Random Note :- This is good practice for making Godoka's skirt for when I make the dress next year.

11th May 2013: Bodice WIP Used a pattern for the bodice and still need to sew the whole thing together properly, hem, add lining, add boning etc...

Since I am a short ass, the bodice pattern is too long for me, so need to cut it shorter.

6th May 2013: Buttons I had problems finding heart shaped buttons in the right colour for almost 6 months, so went with plan B to buy white or clear heart buttons and paint it dark purple.
I brought Marabu Porcelian paint especially for this which is very expensive for £2.69 for a 15ml bottle, but it's worth it because the result is amazing! The paint works very well for a smooth surface, gives a shiny and smooth touch (almost look as though it's originally purple & not painted) and unlike arcylic, the paint does not easily flake off.
I totally am happy with this ♥

7th April 2013: Sketch design The only reference picture of the dresses is exaggerated, especially the skirt and since my group wanted our dresses to be as matching as possible, I went ahead and sketched an non-exaggerated version of the dress. I sketched the back and close up details so everyone can use the same design for a more convincing match.

The actual dress design may vary from the sketch being dependant if everyone in the group is happy with the sketch.

Apologises for the poor photo quality since this was taken on my phone camera.

10th November 2012: Fabric Whilst fabric shopping with my friend Sephy-Chan (Hayate cosplayer) back in November 2012, we both could not find a suitable non-shiny fabric at a reasonable price and available in both baby pink & yellow, however we both found various colours of good quality Duchess satin for £4.99 per metre.
I went ahead and chosen the shade of baby pink for Fate and sadly there was no pale yellow in the same fabric, however we found a very pale gold which will work with the dress, so went ahead with this option.

Pandora-Chi avatar

Pandora-Chi - 8th July 2013
This is so so stunning!! :) I cannot wait to see you wear it!! <3