Victorique de Blois

Cosplayer: Ichigo-Chan

Variant: Lilac dress

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

26th February 2013: Wig & bonnet test Victorique wig & bonnet test - I should have tested this months ago just incase there are any problems and if styling is required, it will give time to fix this. However, good news is the shape and style is perfect, especially love how the fringe and sides are cut, so leaving the wig as it is.

Unfortunately the wig colour turned out a little darker then the sellers photos, so it will not be a convincing match to Jeff's Cordelia wig anymore. Also the seller stated the length is 120cm and since I am only 156cm, I expected the length to be up to my knees, but I supposed the curls effect the length. Either way, this wig still works for Viccy.

13th January 2013: Embriodery This is my first time doing some embroidery by hand which took hours & still not even half way done. I could have painted the rose pattern which is way quicker, however I think embroidery will look much better & I am always up to trying new techniques and methods.
The embroidery did not turn out the way I wanted as I've made several errors though can't be too harsh on myself when I got no experince.

3rd November 2012: Progress - Approx 70% Progress so far! (Lighting is weird) I like the white overskirt, but very unsure if I like the purple overskirt or bodice. I still yet to make the oversized sleeves smaller.

PLEASE NOTE - It is very difficult to zip up the back of the dress by myself, especially the bodice, hence I am holding the back. I will need the help of my Minami roomie *looks at Hollie* Also, the skirt length will be hitched up a little as I'm not wearing my 4 inch heels in this progress pic.

21st October 2012: Underskirt complete This needs some serious ironing and will do so once I complete the whole damn thing. I need to take a break, but I am so dedicated today such that I finally made the last white layer and sewn it onto Viccy's underskirt. This means underskirt is now complete, so need to work on the lilac overlayer and somehow complete the bodice.

21st October 2012: Underskirt details The next step took an entire day with big breaks in between, but managed to complete the 2nd layer of ruffles/laces onto Victorique's underskirt. Now to make & add the 3rd layer, then make the final lilac layer on top.
Skirt is feeling it's weight, all the layers are making it so heavy, so I am currently double hooping the petti coat for more support!

18th October 2012: Bodice and lacing My 2nd attempt of Victorique's bodice. Aparently my 1st time using this new pattern which did not turn out too well, especially since I have a large waist and small bust which is not the best combination of using patterns. First attempt turn out too tight and second attempt turned out too big. Ah well, too big is always better then too small as I can always make it smaller, but I can't make it bigger! The sleeves are oversized, so will amend them to make them smaller! Now I am going to work on the skirt which is twice as easy to make compared to the bodice and sleeves.

Unsure if I like the lacing or not? I pinned 10cm laces on Viccy's top for a test. Most likely go ahead with this and sew it on properly as I am lazy to make laces/ruffles.

6th October 2012: Underskirt WIP and shoes I have adjusted my Nanoha Force hoop skirt to statisfy the poof of Viccy's lilac dress. I do not intend to rewear Nanoha's barrier jacket anytime soon or next year, so hopefully no one will encourage me to cosplay as Nanoha again, otherwise I have to amend the hoop skirt again! Amending hoops skirts are easy, but very time consuming.

Fabric used for the base of underskirt is thick white cotton and still got a long way to go as I only added one layer of ruffles which took a whole week, then again I work full time and been having a lazy cosplay moment.

Shoes were from my Nanoha pink ball dress. As usual I got no money to buy new shoes & a Viccy wig will come in priority of my money. The shoes work well with Viccy's dress, so can't complain even though those 4 inch heels will kill my feet again!

10th September 2012: Bonnet I made this bonnet for Viccy. I still need to add the ribbons and sew/glue everything together as it was only pinned onto the foam head. Not 100% happy with this, so considering a re-make.

NOTE:- This is my Chii Tsubasa wig and will NOT be using this for Viccy. Also, the faom head is a lot smaller then my head, hence the bonnet looks a little too big.

9th September 2012: Fabrics and threads Went fabric shopping in Birmingham in Fancy Silk Store and there were tons of lilac and white fabrics which made decisions of fabric choices really difficult. I was debating whether to make the dress from a non-shiny fabric or with a tinge of shine from duchess satin. Both fabric choices will work well with the costume design, however I eventaully decided to go for a non-shiny fabric because I think it will slightly suit the dress more.

Fabric choosen is 100% cotton. I brought some thick white cotton for £5.99 per m and lilac cotton for £4.99 per m. The darker purple fabric is duches satin which was originally brought for Karen Mermaid Melody cosplay which I never got started making, so thought I will use it up for Viccy and since the fabric has a tinge of shine which may slightly clash with the other fabrics ont he dress, I will be using the non-shiny side.

Pandora-Chi avatar

Pandora-Chi - 19th October 2012
Oh wow! The progress of this is looking so beautiful <3 You will look adorable! <3

Augmented Queen avatar

Augmented Queen - 14th January 2013
This looks amazing so far!

CrystalNeko avatar

CrystalNeko - 15th May 2013
Gosh you look incredible! So so cute!