Cosplayer: Megalodon

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Best runner up costume

27th January 2013: arms the arms are mad up from a inner arm and a outer are which was then filled in between with stuffing. i will hand stich them to the costume to finish

27th January 2013: cute! finally we cut out the eye holes and the arm holes and attached the eyes, we glued some of the fabric down around his cheeks

27th January 2013: stitched we then sewed all the pieces together on the machine and pulled it over the foam frame

27th January 2013: full body we got lucky and just made this up as we went along

27th January 2013: fabric covering due to patamon's size and shape there is no sewing pattern in the world that you could modify to fit. So we drew the patten piece shapes directly onto the foam and then fpinned the fabric along the lines, the then cut it all out

27th January 2013: i see you! i placed the eyes on the shell to see if it looked ok

27th January 2013: patamon eyes i have finished his eyes! i used the black vinil for the pupils and edges

20th January 2013: eyes the eyes are made from cheap clear plastic bowls cut up and painted from asda

20th January 2013: all coming together now you can see the whole costume coming together, the poles sticking out of the head is for the wing frame

20th January 2013: legs i glued some more foam to create legs, they are attached to the feet

20th January 2013: side view side

20th January 2013: a face! i carved some expanding foam to give patamon more of a face!

13th January 2013: body padding finally we added a piece of foam between the legs so the crutch was dropped and the feet are kept apart

13th January 2013: body we also made a padded suit to wear underneath the foam suit so that he is a bit larger at the bottom

13th January 2013: body next we cut some arm holes and draw on his face .

13th January 2013: body so patamon is basically a giant egg shape, so what i did is attached a huge piece of foam around the hanging basket to start it off looks really funny at the moment

13th January 2013: head progress the head started off as a foam helmet which i attached to a card hanging basket with expanding foam

MiatheRabbit avatar

MiatheRabbit - 16th January 2013
This look promising, should look awesome ^^

ChibiMatsu avatar

ChibiMatsu - 27th January 2013
Omg thats really good, your really creative x∞ really look forward to this, great job so far

nanahara avatar

nanahara - 27th January 2013
soooooooooooo cute XD, loving the progress

Ranmaru cosplays avatar

Ranmaru cosplays - 10th February 2013
So cute and cool if I find u at expo will sooo want I pic with u ^-^

dan-dan avatar

dan-dan - 12th February 2013
awwwwww this is so cute i love it

minato_haruna avatar

minato_haruna - 17th February 2013
This is super cute ^^

No thanks avatar

No thanks - 18th February 2013
Patamon was MY FAVOURITE <3 This is AWESOME

Siouxsie James avatar

Siouxsie James - 19th April 2013
Wow! This is really cool :) love the wigs

Mr. Sat-Ash avatar

Mr. Sat-Ash - 20th April 2013
^o^ D'awwww... That's an adorable costume.