Chris Yukine
Senki Zesshou Symphogear

Cosplayer: Ichigo-Chan

Variant: Ichii-Bal

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

25th January 2014: Back armour WIP I swear, my room turned out to be more then a bomb site just by making this!!!! Don't ask how, but got sewing equipment all over the floor, threads & tonnes of fabric everywhere!!!! Btw, this is not complete yet as still got a lot to do.

Anyways decide to sort of put this together and lay it on my bed while I tidy up the floor. I don't know what the parts are called, but one advantage is I made the white part on top removable and added hidden strong wires in between those big black armour things, such that this entire thing folds in half in the middle making easier to pack and transport.

Apologise I make no sense in naming things

15th January 2014: Back of Ichii-Bal detail I started to work on the back of Ichii-Bal. Don't know what this detail is called, but materials I used are polystyrene, milliput, foam board, foam, aluminium wires, hot glue gun, acrylics.

15th January 2014: Armour on arms - test Made the armour using foam, covered with a stiff fabric (Don't know the name) and painted with acrylics.

Ignore the clear tapes, I used it as a test to see how well the armour works before I officially glue everything together with a hot glue gun.

2nd November 2013: Armour piece progress All the bits of the armour to attach to the waist are cut out and painted. I still got a long way to go & I need to paint the edges black. Not sure how to attach all the parts which still got to make, but I Hope this works otherwise I will cry.

13th October 2013: Armour piece base cut out Using the diagram and measurements I worked out as a rough guide. I cut out 4 pieces of the waist armour from foam board. I decided to make the armour doubled layered for extra strength.

13th October 2013: Waist armour diagram and measurements Did a rough sketch on squared paper of the armour and used some Maths to work out the lengths to enlarge to scale. This pretty much seems reasonable, but the measurements are too small, hence I re-worked everything again on the red paper.

15th September 2013: Working out a pattern I have been searching for a suitable pattern for around 5 months and have no luck. Ebay, Simplicity, McCalls, my local markets etc... don't have a suitable pattern. I am mostly looking for a swimsuit pattern which I can modify, however the patterns only work if I use a 2 way stretch fabric. Next idea was to find a bunny suit pattern because the base of Chris' costume looks like a bunny suit with added extras, however still had no luck.

With time going past so quickly and no joy of a pattern, I have decided to make my own pattern. With the help of my friends, Sephy-Chan and Mrs Crimson, they both did several measurements on me and a rough draft of the pattern, I eventually made a pattern myself. Pattern is currently a rough draft cut out of newspaper which may need some amendments. I will try the pattern on some scrap fabric and hope it works.

8th September 2013: More wig styling I've done a major amount of cutting to the wig. The wig fibres are so lovely and soft which I was sad to see the wig go short. At least the wig is looking more like Chris' hair and I kind of like how I achieved a wig with so much volume from a very flat wig.

Wig is not finished yet, I still need to fix the back of wig.

1st September 2013: Gloves Everyone knows I hate making gloves or anything well fitted. The last attempts of my glove making skills turned out to be horrible and not well fitted. Since long black gloves are easy to find in party shops and reasonably priced, I brought a pair to save the hassle of trying to make a perfect pair. I dislike buying any cosplay sources from party shops because of the cheap and poor quality of products, however gloves and socks are the only exceptions because unlike wigs, they don't look cheap and/or tacky.

23rd August 2013: Shoes brought Found these shoes at Primark for £12. They are reasonably accurate for the base of Chris shoes and they only cost £12 - so why not? Got to love the platform and heel for more accuracy.

The only thing which will make the shoes slightly inaccurate are the straps which the problem can be solved by removing them. I most likely will keep the straps to avoid the shoes coming off whilst walking because the costume seems to be difficult to motivate & I can't keep bending over to fix the shoes.

21st August 2013: Wig styling the fringe The wig did not have a fringe, so ended up cutting the front bits of the wig to create a fringe.

Wig is not complete yet as it requires more volume and major cutting at the back. The only thing which I will not be able to achieve is to make those hair bits defy gravity.

Left pic is before and right pic is the result. Photos are taken on different times of day, hence the variation in lighting.

14th July 2013: Start of gathering cannon sources Decided to take a trip down to my local Homebase. I brought 3 x pipes (size 22mm x 2m) and 3 x twin packs of pipe connectors. Costs £14.67 in total and only got half of the pipes and 1/4 of the connectors needed. Sadly they don't have anymore instock, so I will either have to wait for them to restock or source another local Homebase to buy the remaining pipes/connectors needed. Buying online will be a last resort because I dislike paying for postage when they are available to buy in store.

Plans will be to cut the pipes in half since they are too long, so I will get 2 pipes in one.

2nd July 2013: Cannon reference and plans I have started to work out a plan for the cannons by looking at several reference images. Since the cannons are massive (size is estimated to be approximately the same height as Chris), I preferably want to make them detachable for the convenience.

Some suggestions which I came across are cardboard tubes, mop handles etc... after some thought I might be making the prop from overflow pipes and their connectors. This means I will need to buy 6 pipes (will cut in half to make 12) and 24 connectors for each end, however will need to think if this will work before I go ahead with this decision.

Maybe something like this:-
Pipe -
Connector -

24th June 2013: Wig arrived Wig arrived through the post today and I am happy with the quality. I was not too sure for the colour, however looking at several images of Chris, it's perfect. I suppose Chris' hair colour slightly varies dependant on the artwork?

The fringe seems to be longer then expected, then again a wig too long is better then too short because I can always cut, but never add. I will need to do some major styling to the wig, so I hope I don't mess up.

9th June 2013: Wig purchased I've decided to buy the wig nice and early such that it will give plenty of time for styling. Just a shame there are no pre-styled wigs for Chris despite the series has already aired year and a half ago.

I still had my eyes set on the Alice Pandora Hearts wig which I found 3 months ago, however it will require styling. An important specification when I buy wigs for styling are heat resistant, volume, thickness and quality fibres, therefore I am hesitant to purchase from sellers I never used before as quality cannot be guaranteed from their description.

After hours of searching from some of the popular sellers with quality wigs such as Cosplaywig, Charrisa_Kids, Ayanamisatoru etc.. I found the perfect colour from MoeMall which is not entirely white or silver, but it has a tinge of blue/purple. I hope the sellers photo or my computer monitor does not display the colour different from the natural colour to eye.

Will need to work out how to style this wig when it arrives.

Costs = £23.19

24th March 2013: Possible wig? I've been searching for a suitable wig for quite a while, but there is no real wig for Chris. I've seen loads of wigs which will work for other characters in Symphogear such as Kanade, Tsubasa, Hibiki etc... however no wigs for Chris, so moved to another plan of finding the right colour wig which is long and attempt to style.

I am very unsure what colour is Chris' hair - I'll say silver with a tinge of blue? Since the colour is very uncommon, if I did a colour search, it will give hundreds of results of the wrong colour wig, so moving onto plan B to narrow down searches which is look for common Anime characters with similar hair colour and length, I eventually found a silver Alice wig from Pandora Hearts which I can style into Chris' and this is put on top of my list so far.

At the moment I don't have the money for a wig, so I will keep this in mind for when I buy a wig for this cosplay.

Tsubasa Rei avatar

Tsubasa Rei - 25th March 2013
you better finish this, since i'm being 'forced' to be Hibiki for you :p

Ichigo-Chan avatar

Ichigo-Chan - 25th March 2013
Hai! I will finish this especially for you. As annoying as Hibiki is....... but..... but..... You will look adorably cute as Hibiki which may make me hate her less just for the day.

InfiniteJester avatar

InfiniteJester - 26th January 2014
Oh wow, this would be great to see! She was easily my favourite from the series!