Dead Or Alive 5

Cosplayer: Raye-chan

Variant: Standard

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

11th July 2013: Cosplay picnic time!! I miss my Hitomi cosplay so I'm tempted to wear this at this coming weekends cosplay picnic for our group AniMedia East! :) it's gana be hoooooot!

4th August 2012: Winner!!! I got the white top and finished painting the detail around the edges today.

Also finished cutting the wig down! It new jeans too!

So I have everything sorted now :) roll on Amecon!!!

23rd July 2012: Wiggy wig Wig arrived and just needs trimming!

13th July 2012: Hitomi 50% ready Got my belt and trainers now, just the top and jeans to go!!!

5th July 2012: Fighting gloves My gloves arrived today, they are just perfect!!!

5th July 2012: Shoes Ordered my shoes for Hitomi, they just need editing slightly ;)

3rd July 2012: Bits arrive My alice band arrived today its the perfect pink and width ^_^

29th June 2012: Wig on way Did some aerobics tonight continuing my keep fit for Hitomi! The wig was despatched today! Can't wait til it comes, hope to order the gloves soon ^_^

28th June 2012: Fighting fit... Im planning to lose more weight so I can have this done for the Saturday night part at Amecon. I have bought the wig and found the gloves and alice band. So just the top, jeans, belt and shoes to go ^_^

LightChaser avatar

LightChaser - 10th September 2012
Wow I just tested my Hitomi costume out Alcon 2012. I need a new wig though. Your costume looks amazing so far! It would be great to see yours complete.=D

Raye-chan avatar

Raye-chan - 11th September 2012
Yeah!! Hitomi love! :D I just love her so much, I wore the outfit to the party so as it was nightime not many pictures to be seen. I may wear her again for my cosplay meet this weekend if its going to be hot, so hopefuly will get some piccies then :3