The Little Mermaid/Disney Parks

Cosplayer: FuriePhoenix

Variant: Mermaid/Disney Parks mixture

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

13th December 2012: Capelet done!!!! Progress!!!!!

So basically, I've been sewing like a mad woman all day today to get this finished today... well.. the majority of it finished anyway haha! So I've bought a base red top from Primark, where I chopped off the sleeves, opened one up and used that as a pattern to make my sleeves for this in velvet. I then pinned round the cuffs of the sleeves with this gorgeous feathery fur trim I got yesterday, then sewed the sleeves up!

Then I re attached the velvet sleeves to the base top, to which I cut into a cropped top so it will fit right over the shells and fair enough down my back to be an extra layer down my back. Then I pinned the feathery fur trim (the rest of it) all round the entire capelet. So now its ready to be sewn round the capelet, then it will be 100% completed.

I'll either do that after my cup of tea and break, or do it tomorrow.

Capelet materials used:
1x base velvet full length cloak
1x base stretchy top from primark
4yards of feather fur trim

cost: £9.50!

7th December 2012: Capelet WIP So I found the red velvet cheap ass cloak in the storeroom today and began work on it. It's really quite thin, but luckily with the amount I chopped off it, to turn it into a capelet I can use the remaining velvet to not only make the sleeves but also use it as lining to thicken it up!

So so far, all I got done today was the making it into a capelet and hand sewing it up, as I was having problems with getting my mini sewing machine to work today. I began working on the sleeves, but without my normal good sleeve pattern, it didn't go right so I gave up. Luckily I have enough velvet to re make the sleeves and make the lining still!

I also found some faux suede material left over from my Sif boots, which I'l use to make the cropped top that I will sew the sleeves into. I'm not worried about the ever so slight colo difference as the suede won't show once the capelet is on over the top, and also it will create another warming layer under the thin velvet and over my thermal long sleeved top. ^_^!

So now all I need to actually buy is faux white fur trim, and add that, do the sleeves/crop top and it' done in time for Christmas Eve! Might also switch over the fluke material to the new material I have had laying around for a while now on the tail! ^_^!

Oh additional note: This capelet has a hood and I'm thinking of keeping the hood on it, and add the trim round the hood for a personal touch ^_^

7th December 2012: Capelet 2 So I just saw this last night when I was googling images.... and I think I'm gonna make this one for Christmas Eve instead as I already have in my storeroom a red full length cloak that I can turn into this capelet... or at least an inspired by capelet.

Only thing I need to buy is some white fur trim for it which should hopefully be easy enough to find at this time of year! But isnt it cute!!!???? Again its a Tokyo Disney Resort design!

I will probably make the other one at another time for general winter useage of the costume though, but I think for Christmas Eve, this will be cuter to wear! ^_^

3rd December 2012: Capelet Soooooo I'm helping out Scope again because quite frankly I love helping that place out whenever I can. The idea was brought to me to be Ariel as mom knows how much I wanna bring her out again. I'm gonna spend the day at the shop on Christmas Eve by the door just bringing a bit of joy to everyone and try and help get people through the door basically.

It's Christmas Eve, I'll be Ariel and its for charity. So I figured it will be a lot of fun. Though, as much as I adore the parks dress and am itching to wear it again, because of the weather I'd have to make a longer cape for it or get the winter bodice of it made, and I don't have time. So I thought about this costume.... I've only worn it once and still haven't got any photos of it at all. The ones that have been taken, I haven't been sent yet. SOOOOO I figured I could knock up this little capelet A LOT quicker and with more ease for this costume. ^_^!

So I remembered about this Tokyo Disney winter capelet and I've always wanted to make one from the first moment I saw it, and now I have a reason to! YAY! I've got some green lycra left over (like one and a half metres!) that I can use to make the sleeves and "cropped top" to wear, which with my thermal top underneath should create quite a bit of warmth! Then I'm going to buy some green velvet on Thursday when the market is open in Bromley and make the capelet.

A friend of mine helped me by drawing diagram on how to go about it, so I'll use that and get back into sewing this week probably. I should also get my new shells in time for Xmas Eve too! After such a long break from sewing, I'm now deciding to ease myself back into it with this capelet. It will be basic green and plain for the day, but in the future I will probably sew some little pearls onto it, like the resort has done in the pic.

21st November 2012: Shells update So I was speaking to the guy who is making my shells finally last week. I was so over the moon to actually get contact finally and get word of what the update was.

As my mate is friends with the guy making them, he's doing them for me for free which I'm super super grateful for BUT it means all his paid commissions have come first, and quite frankly that makes sense. I'm just glad that I know that now, as I was always told to believe this was a paid commission.

Anyway! I have good news! They are well and truly in the making and through verbal bullying by his wife and kids, all of his commissions including my shells HAVE to be finished and posted out before christmas, so he can have a normal family christmas. ^__^!

SO I'LL GET THEM BEFORE CHRISTMAS YAAAY! Then I can bring out this costume again with the new updated much nicer shell bra! I can't wait to see the pictures that he said he would try and get for me.

1st October 2012: New fluke fabric As the title says. Today I found a size 20 long pinstripe (pinstripes are sparkly.. see photo) teal/aqua skirt in a charity shop. I've seen it in there before a few weeks back, and was convinced by now it would have been sold, but luckily for me it hadn't been.

So mom lent me the cash for the time being and got it for me, so I can switch over the fluke over and have a fabric that resembles the parks version just that bit more XD! This fabric is more like linen but not as harsh as linen, so it's lighter than the lycra I currently have as my fluke, so it will be easier to flip my tail up and stuff!

All in all, it's going to be better! I'll keep the lycra probably in the waist fin unless I have some of this new fabric left over to re make that too... but yeah.. I'm gonna focus on the fluke mostly!

I'm also STILL waiting for my new shells... NOT HAPPEH!

18th September 2012: 98% DONE! Woooo!! I've finally got the zip in!! Well... mom has because she's amazing at giving me a hand with it! ^_^ So now the actual tail is made. All I wanna do now is give the fluke a bit of shaping at the bottom so its not just straight, and if I can find my green glitter and fabric glue, I'm gonna sprinkle some green glitter down the fluke to resemble 'veins' in the fluke and that shiny look on it, like the parks have. ^_^

I'm soooo proud of this new tail and almost feel like giving my old one a wash and selling it to be honest. ^_^ Pic shows it with the zip closed, was trying to make a collage on photobucket so I could include also the pic of it with the zip open , so you can see both "versions", buuuuut photobucket won't save me resizing the images, let alone trying to make a collage.. silly photobucket! XP!

UPDATE 19/09/2012: I added some detailing on the fluke at the front with a bit of glitter like I previously stated up above in this journal, but to be honest I now don't like my fluke... I wish I just left it as it was lol. But it's too late now to do anything about it. So I'm gonna leave it as it is for the sake of the party I'm debuting it at on Saturday, then I'll get new fabric that's already got shiny wavey lines on it, and re do it.

8th September 2012: wig Though I'm using my current wig for her, my bangs started to droop a bit after my last wear of her at the end of July, so I decided out of boredom to give them a bit of life again. I do keep meaning to add wefts into the wig to make really full and volumised, I couldn't find where I put the spare wig (my previous wig to this one) to add the wefts, so I just worked with what I got instead (I also think this is just me being lazy haha!)

Saying all that though, I'm super proud of how big my bangs have gone without the extra wefts put in!!

1st September 2012: tail and fluke Sooooooooo looks like I'll be sticking with the invisible zip plan lol. My mom went out today and managed to get me an invisible zip from the local market. So today whilst watching Pirates 4, I got the zip all sewn in. So over the next couple of days, I will be getting a hand from mom with taking in the tail as it's too big around my calves and ankles, and putting in the zip, so it's walkable and skin tight in the right places.

So glad to be finally coming to the end of this project for the time being at least! Though I'm still waiting on the shells, and I'm getting rather concerned with the time factor now, so it looks like I'm going to alter my current shells to have a backup incase I don't get my nice ones in time, even though I was promised I would.


In the future though, I will work on the fluke more and give it some detailing etc so it doesn't look so plain.

25th August 2012: Fluke is as good as for time being Soooooo I decided to work more on the fluke and play around with the fabric a bit more this morning for something to do.

I'm now relatively happy with how I managed to do it, gathering it right in at the bottom on either side (front and back) so it's got a lot of "ruffles" without being obviously ruffly if that even makes sense. LOL! It's also now half in length which I prefer and its doubled in thickness so it's rather weighty in the bottom. I've just got it all pined in place at the moment, and I'll probably hand sew it into place in the next couple of days.

It's still a folded piece of fabric, so it has a fold in the bottom, instead of being completely open. So what I'll be doing is cutting the fold so its two separate pieces of fabric to create the fluke, then cut the shape into the bottom so it's not a flat piece of fabric. (I really hope this makes sense... hopefully seeing the photo will clear things up if it doesn't!)

I was going to put in an invisible zip into the side, but considering things when I tried it on briefly, I'm thinking it will be better to create a foot panel on the inside so my feet don't show (ends up not being walkable) for the sake of the party I'll be wearing it to as Ariel, and make it tight fitting... or get an invisible zip anyway AND do the little hidden panel for my feet so it still stays walkable, but it has a panel to rest my feet so my feet are hidden (thinking like a popper to close it and open it). I just wanna get it done now though.. so hmmm decisions decisions.

In the future though I will get some fabric glitter paint and paint some detailing on the fluke in a wavy pattern to just give it something, so the color doesn't look so plain and almost boring. It will also be a more inspired version of how the parks do the fluke ^_^ But I'm running low on funds so that will have to wait until after the party. XD!

21st August 2012: More progress Started doing more work the other day on the tail. I managed to get the waist fin done, which im happy about, I just need to sew it in as everything just pinned together at the moment.

As for the fluke, I'm having a bit of trouble of getting the shape I want, so I'm going to continue playing about with it by pinning it, taking it apart and re pinning until I get the desired look I want, without it looking so flat and straight down (if that makes sense?) I still gotta sew the main tail to take it in a bit more as well and get an invisible zip for it, so I can put that in, in the bottom.

Hoping to have it sorted within the next couple of weeks, whilst I don't have much to do other than let my tattoo heal out of sunlight etc blah blah blah lol.

17th August 2012: fluke material Fluke material (and waist fin) material turned up this morning, and I'm really happy with the color in person. I got a metre of the material as I'm convinced that will be enough for the fluke and waist fin, considering its taken just under a metre to do the main body of the tail.

I'm hoping to get working on it again in the next few days, as I still need to thicken up my latest wig as well by September 21st XP! But I have to wait a bit until the current work on my Ariel tattoo heals so I can get down on the floor and wizz this all through the mini sewing machine to save on time.

8th August 2012: Progress 2 Sooooo I managed to sew up the main part of the tail together today, leaving the top end and bottom still pinned (will leave it until i get the fabric for the fluke and waist fin done) and me being me... I made the tail the opposite way to the main stretch direction... DOH!

Sooooooooo I'll have to get an invisible zip anyway, and put it in, in one side so I can actually walk in it, as it wont stretch enough width wise to be pulled up enough so I can walk with ease. As at the moment its too baggy around my calfs and looks stupid, but not baggy enough to be pulled up to my knees so I can walk relatively easy.

I'm not surprised this happened though.... as with spandex I always (or stretchy materials) i always seem to make this same rookie mistake... or at least.. with mermaid tails at any rate haha! Ah well! I'll make it work.. i always seem to somehow! So yeah... I need to pull it in at the sides in certain areas so its more fitted and tail like, and unstitch one side to fit in a zip, and get the fabric for the fluke and make that... then continue the waiting game for the shells.

7th August 2012: Ariel tail WIP So I've begun work on the main part of her tail for something to do, as I want this to be a lot better than my original one, I even went as far as to draft a proper pattern for it, instead of wrapping the fabric over me and pinning myself into it etc like I did before.

So I went onto youtube for tutorials on how to make a mermaid tail pattern and followed a nice and simple one to draft my own pattern. I got a lot of thick paper (almost card but more like paper) three piece wide and 5 pieces long and stuck them all together, I then got a marker and drew around myself from my natural waist down with a good 3inches either side for seam allowance, then elongated it by about another 3 inches form my toes to create the 'point' at the end of the main tail to which the fluke will be sewn into.

I then cut out the pattern and then pinned it to the fabric after folding the fabric in half and cut round the pattern to get my tail base on the fabric. After doing that, I removed the pattern and pinned the two pieces of fabric together keeping the fabric inside out. From there I'll then sew the pieces together, but leaving the bottom point open so the tail becomes walkable. Though longer than me, I'm making it so I can lift the tail up (acting as if its a ball gown type skirt but a fitted one lol) so I can walk, but have it straight down and covering my feet tog et the full mermaid look. I also figured with all the fabric that will be in the fluke, it will be easier to have it without an invisible zip in the side, than with one in.

Pic shows the process so far and what the fabric looks like the right side up.. pic makes the fabric look slightly darker than it actually is, but it is just like the ref image from the seller I posted up in the previous journal entry lol.

So far I'm happy with result and do think so far that I'll like this new tail a lot more than my original one. Hopefully once finished I'll still like it and it will look how I envision it XP.

3rd August 2012: main tail fabric So I finally bit the bullet and bought the emerald green metallic stretch lycra fabric for the main part of the tail. I'm lucky I only need a metre as it's not cheap! Thank Castiel I had another wig commission come through! SEE PHOTO

So yeah... photo depicts the fabric I bought for this. On Monday I'll be getting more money come through from managing to sell something else that needs a loving home, so with that I can get the olive green fabric for the fluke. Then to wait for all the fabric to arrive, pre wash this fabric (the emerald green one) then get making a new tail. I'm definitely going to put more work into this one.

I'm still trying to decide whether to put in an invisible zip in the side or not... im leaning towards the zip idea, having seen Traci Hines's latest mermaid tail for Ariel, she really inspired me on how to go about my new one.

UPDATE 4TH AUGUST: Fabric arrived this morning and its super perfect! Yay! Now to get the rest of the fabric and get making

2nd August 2012: fluke fabric So.. now I've had another commission from my friend for her Ariel wig, I'm trying to motivate myself into getting this done for the party I have booked in September. She found this fabric for an original inspired design she's doing of Ariel for her trip to disneyland paris, and this got me thinking what a good color it is for this project of mine. SEE PHOTO

So I'm now searching fabrics again, I'm still keeping my eye on some metallic emerald green lycra for the main part of her tail which is a few pence over £11 a metre. I want this to be a bit like a deluxe version of my original tail (which was a first attempt and want to improve it big time), so I don't mind spending abit more on fabrics, but as I got my Ariel tattoo started and gonna try to get it completed by September, and Asylum 9's hotel to still save up for, I have to be careful too with funds XP.

My new shells are a work in progress also, and have been told it could be another a couple of weeks until I get them, so I'm hoping one I receive them, I'll want to get back into making costumes again after (what feels like but really isn't) a while for not having any projects to sew up!

18th July 2012: shells So, I officially have the best friends ever.... a friend of mine knows someone who is good with plastic and resin etc.. and all those materials i wouldnt know where to look for, let alone use. He rang me up the other day and said that as a cheer up present he will pay for my new shells for this costume.

So I've made the template, I just need to cut it out so there is 2 shells not one, and write the guy a cover letter explaining I'm the one my friend is paying for these shells for. Then they can be made within a couple of weeks or less or something. Now I just gotta get off my ass and get new fabric for the tail and fluke ready for September's birthday party i'll be debuting this version at.

15th June 2012: Fabric fabric fabric!! Soooo I'm still fighting my case on getting a damn refund on the fabric (i refuse to give up!) but as I was looking for fabrics for Sif, I found some amazing fabrics for the fluke of this tail from a seller that I use all the time if they have what I want in stock/in their shop.

I've asked for samples so hopefully the seller will let me have some of the fabrics I've found without asking for money to send out the fabrics. Like I found with this amazing even better actual GREEN metallic wet look lycra from another seller. They want £2.99 for samples to pay for the postage and mail bag. WHAT THE HECK!?

9th June 2012: Fabric My god.... this fabric also arrived today (along with my mom's Wasp fabrics) and they sent me the damn wrong color!!!

I'm not impressed at all, and have messaged the seller about my issues with the fabric. They sent me the royal blue lycra instead of the turquoise. If they insist its the turquoise they sent me, then I'm gonna get my money back and buy some other dark green (emerald green) metallic lycra (which is a few quid more) for this tail instead that I found by another seller.

I want this to be soooooooooooo perfect! I cant even use this current fabric for anything else!

Crystal-Heart Cosplay avatar

Crystal-Heart Cosplay - 7th June 2012
YAY!!!!! MORE ARIEL <3<3 ^w^

Good luck on it ^^ It's going to look Stunning XD

FuriePhoenix avatar

FuriePhoenix - 7th June 2012
IKR!!!??????? Oh man I've missed being Ariel so much!!! Thankies hun!! I hope it will! XD! In my head it will ace- in reality? That's uncertain lmao!

Crystal-Heart Cosplay avatar

Crystal-Heart Cosplay - 13th June 2012
Im sure it'll look amazing when it's done XD

Crystal-Heart Cosplay avatar

Crystal-Heart Cosplay - 23rd July 2012
You could probably make the film accurate shells out of clay.

FuriePhoenix avatar

FuriePhoenix - 23rd July 2012
i would but i reckon it'd be too heavy, a friend of mine is paying his friend to make them out of this particular type of plastic for me, so I can focus on the tail

Crystal-Heart Cosplay avatar

Crystal-Heart Cosplay - 24th July 2012
Well it would depend on the type of Clay. But I can't wait to see the tail when it's done ^w^

Rainbow_Panda avatar

Rainbow_Panda - 2nd August 2012
Awww can't wait to see ^.^ xx

Crystal-Heart Cosplay avatar

Crystal-Heart Cosplay - 21st August 2012
-squeeeeee- It's coming along swimmingly!!!!! -no pun intended XD- I CANT WAIT ^^

Suri avatar

Suri - 8th September 2012
Wow! This is going to look so amazing when it's finished! Ariel is one of my favorites anyway, so I love it!

Phee avatar

Phee - 18th September 2012
Ooo! this is looking nice~ That shiny material is lush :o

FuriePhoenix avatar

FuriePhoenix - 19th September 2012
thanks guys!!!

SamanthaKaiba avatar

SamanthaKaiba - 1st October 2012
Love the tail and how it looks really good and well made.

Crystal-Heart Cosplay avatar

Crystal-Heart Cosplay - 3rd December 2012
I love the cape idea. I'm thinking of doing the same for my tail but I want mine to look more like the sail dress XDDD

FuriePhoenix avatar

FuriePhoenix - 3rd December 2012
XD awesome! I want something really warm to wear and quick to make as I need it for Christmas Eve!

Ranma1-2 avatar

Ranma1-2 - 27th December 2012
I LOVE the metallic green fabric you used for this! Christmas Pic looks Fab. :)

FuriePhoenix avatar

FuriePhoenix - 28th December 2012

Tracy avatar

Tracy - 24th February 2013
wow love tour re-styled wig. How did you do that?

FuriePhoenix avatar

FuriePhoenix - 27th February 2013
teasing the hair (back combing) the bangs layer by layer, hair spray and lots of patience

Tracy avatar

Tracy - 28th March 2013
well done on your newspaper add, i'll have to put news add here, that's a good idea!

FuriePhoenix avatar

FuriePhoenix - 29th March 2013
It wasn't an add! It was a full blown feature with my friends. ^^!

M.Kesaiyn avatar

M.Kesaiyn - 30th March 2013
Simply epic! You know that right?
Every new version I see of you as Ariel just gets better and better.
You should be so proud of yourself. :-)

FuriePhoenix avatar

FuriePhoenix - 31st March 2013
Oh my gosh! Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!! This means the utter world to me!!

rosieroo avatar

rosieroo - 11th November 2013
woow amazing you managed to get into the papers thats so cool well done love your ariel cosplays .

FuriePhoenix avatar

FuriePhoenix - 16th November 2013
Thank you!