Naruto Shippuden

Cosplayer: Megalodon

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

16th May 2009: hoody back i am 90% complete now.
things to do -
* make trousers.
* make sandals.
* make netting for under top.

16th May 2009: hoody finished!!!! i have finished my hoody!! yay! the hodd was the hardest part!! i had to make it up as i went along. i started by cutting out a half hood shape 4 times so that the hoody had a lining and i also had to make an extra triange piece to sew on the front so that its come round my neck more. im so pleased with it!!

16th May 2009: cutting out lilac fleece! the fleece that i ordered over ebay is perfect!!! time to re-cut the fabric ready for sewing. this time i am changing the pattern slightly so that the hoody is more fitted. i am adding darts under the arms.

9th May 2009: dye fail had trouble getting purple fleece for hinata's hoody so i just bought cream fleece and decided to dye it lilac!.......it didnt work. fabric has been in dye for 24 hours now and it is still white. but its ok! because i found lilac fleece on ebay! so hopefully it will be ok. im gonna make my sandals and trousers tommorrow.

3rd May 2009: wig and contacts... my contacts r supposed to be silver... they are a bit i guess. ripped off!

1st May 2009: wig i couldnt decide what wig to get! black, blue or purple! in the end i found a very dark blue wig on ebay. but when it arrived it wasnt as dark as it looked on the computer. anyway! i cut a fringe in to it and styled it and i think it looks awesome!! i also ordered silver contact lenses which came today! i will get a photo up soon.

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cowiee - 26th June 2010
So cute! <3