Cosplayer: WarriorTeddy

Variant: Comics

Status: Planned

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

Numta avatar

Numta - 13th March 2012

You'll do this amazing dude!

nanahara avatar

nanahara - 13th March 2012
HELL YEAH this will be epic man ^^

Captain_Marvelous avatar

Captain_Marvelous - 13th March 2012
Cant wait to see!

RevolverKitty avatar

RevolverKitty - 17th March 2012
:D yay! so happy you're gonna do it! And thank you so very much for referencing me in your description, you're so sweet hun :3 *huggles* You're gonna look amazingly badass hun! So cant wait to see it :D