Shadow of the Colossus

Cosplayer: Sammykins

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

30th July 2012: Its okay...messy is allowed for this one!! I had already started on Wander's shirt a while ago, but stopped when exams loomed and I realised that I could do neither Wander or my exams properly if I tried to do them at the same time, so sadly I had to put Wander down. But I've graduated now (wheey!) and Wander is back in my life (oh, such an adorable little giant murderer XD).

My first problem was actually finding the partially sewn shirt (it was hiding really well T_T) and sussing out the crappy sleeves, but the pic in the top left if what I eventually ended up with as a base. It is messy and wonky, but its okay! I'm letting myself be wonky and messy with this because there are different layers going over the top of the wonky bits, and also because Wander has that distinct oldy worldy, rough hand sewn look about him. I actually think this is one of the few characters where having a pristine costume actually doesn't do the character justice!

This afternoon I started sewing on the first on many brown layers that are decorative. Its quite difficult getting hold of good screen shots, and Wander has that annoying habit like most game characters of having colours that seem to change in every picture. A lot. Lol (i.e. not lol). I spent a good while just staring at screen shots, designs, and other cosplayers before deciding how I think it should go. But now this first layer is up, even though I know there is more to go, I'm feeling more like its heading in the right direction, and less towards the potato sack category.

21st February 2012: EXPAAAANDING foam! I thought I would give his bow and arrow a try...partially becuase I think it would look cool, and partially because I thought it would be a good experiment and I can hopefully use it for other props! This is what it first looked like when it was all freshly sprayed. It hasn't expanded that much, and it seems to have dried well after a few hours sitting outside :)

Now all I have to do is spray the other side and then get cutting and sanding it down, because it is meant to look a lot more sleek (and it has to be a lot more sleek if I have any hope of carrying it on a train up to Kita...

Zelvyne avatar

Zelvyne - 26th January 2012
Awesome! Cannot wait to see this ^_^

picklesofdoom avatar

picklesofdoom - 27th January 2012
AGRO! :)