Vivio Takamachi
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vivid

Cosplayer: Ichigo-Chan

Variant: School uniform

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Amecon 2012

21st July 2012: The costume I felt so awful because my Vivio cosplay is not doing well. With only 3 weeks left until AmeCon, this means I got no time to make the cosplay out of scratch, especially since I need to concentrate on my Hayate cosplay and I messed up adjusting my Ricco cosplay to make it into Vivio. I decided to do some last minute shopping from Ebay. Luckly I found a suitable yellow vest and white short sleeve short for a good price of £6.98 and £4.47 respectively which includes shipping from a UK seller, so was able to put the costume together at the last minute.

Since, most of the costume is pretty much closet cosplay and the yellow vest is abit too bright, I don't think I did Vivio enough justice, then again I would feel bad if I had to drop this cosplay for AmeCon because vdaysnowstorm will be coming from the US to cosplay as Einhart for me, so I promised that I WILL get Vivio complete for her.

The wig still requires some styling, then I need to clip those hair ribbons properly onto the wig.

7th April 2012: Possible costume Time and money is not working with me and since I already promised vdaysnowstorm Vivio is a definite for AmeCon 12, I worked out another solution to adjust my Riccotta (Dog Days) uniform. They have the same colour and style bow tie, yellow vest and white shirt, expect Vivio's sleeves are short and her yellow vest does not include buttons. I hated my Riccotta cosplay, so this is the best option to recycle it and besides, even though I may rewear Ricco, I prefer to give it a revamp.

I still yet to buy the wig and make the sleeves shorter. Also if I have time, I need to make the costume smaller since it's too big for me.

Please excuse the dirty mirror (bedroom is not mine) and the fact it looks as though I am eating my camera. Camera was positioned such that I can get as much of the costume within the mirror.

22nd January 2012: Brown pleated skirt brought Vivio's skirt colour varies from a light sandy brown to dark brown and I've decided to choose a colour which goes in between the 2 colours, so wanted something slightly darker then yellow orche to a mid-tone brown.

I'm too lazy to buy a metre of fabric and make the skirt, so decided to buy the skirt instead. Sadly there are not a lot of plain brown pleated skirts available in size 10-12, but on the rare occassions I found a suitable skirt, I end up losing the bid since I work full time and never get the chance to be online close to the ending time.

After searching through various shops and online stores, the cheapest suitable skirt I can find was from ASOS on sale for £15, so I brought it today which is due to arrive on 30th January.