Aradia Megido
Homestuck - MS Paint Adventures.

Cosplayer: Raine

Variant: Retired

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

15th February 2012: Urg I need to make her horns again, well I either redo them completly oooor make one more to match one of the two I made already as you can tell theres a size difference in them. So alas I am sad. So I may make these horns out of Femo Light instead... Oh the options~ :3

17th January 2012: Progress! That's right people I have gotten of my Skyrim arse n started sewing!

I have cut out my symbole to be glued then sewen on and I have almost finished my skirt! Only gotta hem it and then thats me :D

9th January 2012: Woot! Yeah I'm mature... So what?

Ahem ... yah... Okay so Today I got off my lazy now unemployed butt n desided to make her skirt! Unfortunatly I couldnt find my skirt pattern. Suprise suprise!? So I had to make it by eye which is kiiinda okay as before I commit to cutting fabric I pin it and try it on. Which was good as for some odd reason the waist was like 4inches to wide... Wtf Raine!

Now this cosplay looks easy n it probably is easy but I hope to pull this off! Fingers crossed :D

TheGyroCaptain avatar

TheGyroCaptain - 29th February 2012
Me gusta

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Anonymous - 26th April 2012
are the horns like all clay or do they have like a base thing



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Raine - 26th April 2012
I originally made the horns out of clay then desided that it was a silly plan so when and bought Fimo Light so the horns now weight practically nothing (thankfully)