Abel Nightroad
Trinity Blood

Cosplayer: sonia_leong

Variant: Manga / Artbook ROM arc

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

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ryaoki - 30th October 2008
1 word


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CrystalNeko - 30th October 2008
Ahhh Sonia you were amazing!! It was great seeing you back in the cosplay scene, I had to double take when I saw you out of goth loli and in cosplay lol xD You were seriously amazing, the amount of detail in your costume was... wow! *__*

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sonia_leong - 30th October 2008
Wah, thank you very much you guys. *bows* Hehe, to be honest, I'm probably going to be a very slow cosplayer, I've unfortunately fallen in love with one of the hardest series to cosplay XD So I'll be sporadic at best

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Uni - 30th October 2008

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drowned_panda - 30th October 2008
May I just say this socplay was simply awesome.

I've got a pic of it I can e-mail to you if you want?

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sonia_leong - 30th October 2008
Thank you so much!!! *bows* I've PMed you as well, but yeah, if anyone caught me, please email me any photos you have to leong.sonia@gmail.com (that address handles large attachments better than my usual email).

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Anonymous - 30th October 2008
OMG!!! how did i miss this costume>?!?!

this looks just amazing and i wish i was able to see it!!! TT^TT i am now sad lol

i do hope you wear this again so time in the future!

awesome job on the sculpting! you have inspired me!

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Anonymous - 31st October 2008
OMG i thought i recognised you! :D I remember you were one of the judges at the Urbis in manchester judging the manga maniacs cosplay competition. I won 3rd place as Hikaru from ouran, and you sketched me your own style of Hikaru, i just wanted to say thank you sooooooooo much :D its now my most prized possesion on my wall. *Gives Sonia another rose ^_^* hope to see you again :D

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Komapsunida - 1st November 2008
I've just atarted watching Trinity Blood and I love it- and I love your costume too!! You look delicious! >_

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Monkey - 1st November 2008
It was great to see you again! (Met you at Alcon, hee~) You made such an epic Abel and the photos you guys did looked like so much fun! Love this cosplay and everything, you look epic. Hope to see you again! ^^

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Freyarule - 3rd November 2008
Ack! I saw you at the Sweatdrop stall and didn't realise it was you!!! X_X I would have told you how much a fan I am of your work T_T

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Freyarule - 4th November 2008
That would be awesome! I'll definately make sure to look out for you in May :D

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Sephirayne - 5th November 2008
Awesome Abel costume. It was an honour to meet you fellow Abel. I see that you have decided to upgrade to the artbook. YAY! have fun with all the eyelettes. Mine are all going in as I type.

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Anonymous - 22nd December 2008
This costume = still made of epic <3

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Captain_Marvelous - 23rd February 2009
Really nice ^.^ you would make a great integra hellsing ^.^

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Missytetra - 2nd March 2009
Looks absolutely fabulous, I must admit that I want to start making more solid pieces and I've always loved TB designs! You really pull of the outfit well, and even though I only met you for a short time at Thought Bubble (I was Zelda, though not my best costume), I think a lot of your own personality and aura seems to come through in this costume. Does that sound weird? It must be the spectacles ^___^

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Sephirayne - 3rd March 2009
Love the new photo. I still adore your Abel. I look forward to seeing it again. XX

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goodbyeworld - 6th March 2009
Wow!! This is so amazingly done! *-*

I'm the girl who spoke to you for ages at the arts fesitval last weekend. The one in black and white ^^

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Anonymous - 2nd April 2009



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Littlerascal92 - 6th April 2009
What an amazing costume!! You look fantastic in this ! x

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White Leviathan - 9th April 2009
This costume is incredible, you look amazing!

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Keekal - 30th April 2009
This costume is made of awesome! You look fantastic!
The detail is amazing i am in total awe. ^-^

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Anonymous - 9th June 2009
You make an amazing Abel! <3