Pokémon Special

Cosplayer: macaronic

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

13th January 2012: 01 - wig First, before I remind myself how to sew, I'm working on the wig. All of Cilan's hair is slicked back so Matt (who'll be cosplaying Chilli) suggested putting in a hairline around the wig to make it more realistic -- I'm using this tutorial ( to do just that. It seems to be alright at the front for the moment!

stonegetter avatar

stonegetter - 4th January 2012

danchou avatar

danchou - 31st January 2012

Marisa-Chan avatar

Marisa-Chan - 27th February 2012
You guys were epic <3

macaronic avatar

macaronic - 27th February 2012
Thank you!! <333

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Zelvyne - 27th February 2012
awesome ^_^ great group - you all look fantastic

stonegetter avatar

stonegetter - 27th February 2012
best grassybro is best