Lingyin Huang
Infinite Stratos

Cosplayer: Ichigo-Chan

Variant: IS Academy uniform

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Amecon 2012

7th July 2012: Boot choices Hoping to buy boots for my Rin IS cosplay within the next 1-3 weeks (depends how well my bank balance can handle my car insurance due at the end of the month)

It appears near impossible to find a perfect pair of boots, especially since I am a weird shoe size. I picked out the best 3 which me and my friends found and debating which pair to buy? If anyone can find a better and more accurate pair at a reasonable price will be helpful though the size must be 3.5 UK (or 4 though preferably 3.5 for a more comfortable fit) and heel height must be no more then 4 inches.

- 1 has the right sole colour and 3 inch heels (I'm a short ass)
- 2 is the best matching yellow colour
- 3 may reach above my knees & needs to be cut short and I can use the left overs to make the flaps???

1st July 2012: The costume Costume fits perfectly though skirt is very short, plus yellow hair ribbons and socks are too oversized and needs adjusting.

The wig needs to be re-styled again! it was a bitch to straigthen and the pigtails are begining to curl again. Note to self - use hair spray!!!

I need to buy yellow orche lace boots which are a pain to find because where the hell can I find size 3.5 boots?

17th June 2012: Wig 95% straightened
Rin wig (Infinite Stratos) 95% straighten, the other 5% are parts inside the pigtails which I accidently missed, but at the moment I can't be bothered to do more wig styling work.

As mentioned in my status, this was a bitch to get the pigtails straight because of the thick and long length of each pony tails which requires a lot of time, water and heat to get it straight!!!! Despite the wig being heat resistant, I was still hesistant to use a hair dryer or any heating materials as I get parinoid that the wig fibres will melt >.<" Styling wigs are not my speciality and I'm still learning though I did straigthen my Madoka wig last year, it was nothing as long and thick. Ideally I should have brought a straight wig which will cut down on all this hassle of styling, but I did not find one in the right shade of brown.... ah well... it's done now and the result is reasonable.

Now. I need to work out if I want to thin out the layers of the wig and/or mcut the pigtails shorter since the length of wig has grown longer. Got to try this on before deciding.

5th June 2012: Costume comissioned Since Spirit_of_the_Stage and Jeff (and I think Wing_Zero aswell) have already comissioned their costumes from the same seller, I've decided to contact the seller and go ahead with the comission too which will give them 2 and a half months to make, so plently of time for the seller to make and recieved costume in time.

Bad news is it took away £85.18 of my bank balance. Ah well, if the group goes ahead at AmeCon 2012, which it should, this will be worth it as I always wanted to join a full Infinite Stratos group.

Next step is to find suitable boots which is difficult since I'm looking for winter shoes in an slightly obscure colour during the end spring/early summer. The best pair of boots I have found are Spica brand for £61 + £33 shipping and there is no way I can afford to pay £94 on a pair of boots which I am going to wear for a couple of times, so I guess I am back to searching. My friend, however gave me a link to a similiar pair of boots on Ebay for £29.99 including shipping, however the length is just below my knees which is too high unless I can find a way to adjust. Anyways, since I already spent just over £85 (costume) + £33 (wig), I don't have enough to afford the shoes right now, so will have to wait until my next pay. Probably buy the boots within the next month which gives time to look for a more accurate pair at a decent price.

3rd June 2012: Wig brought Goodbye to £32.88, wig was expensive then again since I maybe planning to cosplay as Yukarin in many of her costumes, there maybe a chance for me to reuse this wig.

Thank you to CrystalNeko for finding this wig for me. I really thought finding a brown ponytail extension wig will be very easy, but searching on Ebay proved me wrong as all of the wig which I found are not the right shade of brown. I have fallen in love with the mocha brown lolita wig from cosplaywig as the colour is perfect though will need to do a lot of work to straigthen the wig. The wig is heat resistant and I have previously straigthened my Madoka wig, so it should not be much of a problem.

2nd June 2012: IS group plans. Plans have slightly changed for this cosplay, was originally going to cosplay as Rin for Dokucherry's group, but my friend Wing_Zero who is an IS fan and wanted a group for AmeCon 12 has arranged a group which includes Spirit_of_the_stage as Ichika, Wing_Zero as Houki, Luna as Cecila, myself as Rin, MadCat as Charlotte and Jeff_Kamiki_Jurai as Laura. I will still however cosplay as Rin for Dokucherry whenever she decides to get her group together.

I originally wanted to make my Rin outfit, but Wing_Zero wanted all of our costumes to be matching, so decided we should buy the costumes from the same seller for a convincing match. The only seller we can find who will make all 6 IS costumes is FM-Anime, so I contacted them and was quoted $92 + $35 shipping. All, I need to do is send the measurements and pay, then hopefully the costume will be on it;s way and in time for AmeCon 2012.