Final Fantasy XIII - 2

Cosplayer: Sammykins

Status: Planned

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

13th January 2012: Decision, decision. The japanese release of the game is taunting me...I just want to get cracking, but I have lots of uni work *searches for the world's smallest violin*

So instead I've been allowing myself to prep for it! These are what I have in terms of material (except for some organza that is hiding somewhere). The two black ones are going to be used for the bodysuit - the matt leatherette one will be the main bulk of it, but its inpractical - so thats where the stretchy swimsuit type material comes in, and I have planned for that to make up for the lack of stretch in the leatherette. Otherwise I can see myself getting stuck in this before its even finished!! (This has happened I've decided to learn a lesson...)

The feather are for, well, the feath drape/skirt. I contacted a german cosplayer who made something very similar for a cosplay of the Eternal Sonta character Viola - which looked amazing! And she told me about make a wire frame to hang all the feathers on (with the aid of the organza). So hence an array of different sized feathers. I think this might be my favourite bit (well, it is at the moment- maybe not when my hands are covered in hot glue and feathers are everywhere)

The colourful purples are samples I set off for. The top one is leatherette, the bottom too suedettes. I can't choose.... T_T

This is my current dilemma...why is it, for every character design, they seem to change colour in reference pics? I might start a petition against this. Let me decide what colour to use first...

12th January 2012: Plan plan plan I never realised how much planning would go into this one... but at least there is no deadline for it, so there won't be a mad rush of paiting and finishing armour. I have chosen to use EVA foam for the whole thing, as I've seen some amazing things been crafted through this. I've got some pewter rub n' buff, although I am very far off the stage where I can use that.

I went on a magical trip to Goldhawk road, and nearly fainted with joy overload at the crazy number of fabric shops and the crazy amount of fabrics they offered. The material selection process will probably go up later when I can get to the material in my room to take a photo (currently I would have to execute a highly dangerous espionage mission to avoid waking my sister). But the trip taught me two things:

1) GoldieNeko is an awesome haggler
2) I ought to think about how I am going to get in and out of the bodysuit, especially as I have PURPOSEFULLY chosen a non-stretch material (I was thinking accurate look-wise, rather than pratical cosplay wise. I may later regret this as I try and wriggle in and out of it)

My plan is to put in stretch panels on the back, for the straps and for the um, crotch. The rest will be all panels that I will make with the aid of duct tape, and muslin fabric so it is all form fitting. Well, thats the plan, lol! (Expect much failing of plans!)

16th December 2011: Where I always start... Here is my wig try-out! I was a little worried as it looked a lot more grey than it did in it's original picture...but somehow I think that adds to it- what do you reckon? Its not too short either, which I was also worried about. Think I might have to trim it down actually.

But now I have a know what that means, right? This costume is officially IN PROGRESS! *Changes status*

I also have a bit of a collection of feathers going on. Probably my favourite part of the cosplay, though it probably won't be on the day when it may prevent me from sitting down, lol. No pain, no cosplay!!!

ElegantAura avatar

ElegantAura - 7th December 2011
Hoo Hoo! Lightning is such a good choice for you, and more pinkish hair! I really look forward to seeing this in the future!! <3

Sammykins avatar

Sammykins - 7th December 2011
The wig has been bought, so I have no choice but to make this now, and Pez has very nicely put a armour blog up, so I have even more reason to get cracking... *mad glint in eyes*

TheGyroCaptain avatar

TheGyroCaptain - 16th December 2011
I'd use craft foam to make the amour and silver spray paint , you can heat the foam so it softens and is more flexible :)

BluePanda avatar

BluePanda - 16th December 2011
Love the wig its perfect!! :3
cant wait to see this finished?

Limegreenjelly avatar

Limegreenjelly - 14th January 2012
hey saw your journal i think you should go for the middle fabric its got the same texture and the colours are pretty bang on for lighting hope this helps cant wait to see more progress :)

Sammykins avatar

Sammykins - 16th January 2012
Yeah, I was thinking that too - the top leatherette one may be a pain to work with and is too shiny, the bottom suedette one is too pinky, but the middle suedette is the closest I've seen to her design. I can't wait to get started on this!