Luna Lovegood
Harry Potter

Cosplayer: amyjane-beanmachine

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

28th August 2011: Half completed...BUT WHERE IS THE COAT!! After tonnes of set backs regarding my attendance and mcm london in oct im finally back on track with this cosplay as i felt it was the cheapest of all my wannabe i am OBSESSED with learning her accent. *-*'
My mum has been a saint and -totally out of the blue- bought me a 'luna dress' that needs some love but should suit her spectrespecs ensemble brilliantly! (will upload pic in a mo) its from primark believe it or not, needs some fabric paints in bright colours but it will be fantastic with a layered jumper ontop <3
I have the perfect tights already... Shoes are on their way- old black hightops needing patterns painting and a little bit of love- but i cannot find the right coat...maybe im being too much of a perfectionist...but FEAR NOT. i shall find one. Im starting to make the 'spectrespecs' whilst on holiday in the middle of nowhere- perfect time for a bit of arts and crafts blue peter style :')
The perfect wig has been found! And will be ordered in 2 days time *blooming bank holidays-siiigh*
As for her hogwarts uniform, this is already complete. Jewellery is also something for my holiday arts and crafts list :') yayayayayay im quite excited. Its gonna be WIERD being such a 'normal' character. Definitely have to jazz up the day by acting like her. :') heheh. Heres hoping i find my perfect coat...

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Satellite - 26th October 2011
Wow! Looks awesome so far ~

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Yasmia - 11th March 2013
That wig really suits you. Would love to see pics of you in the completed cosplay