Shinsuke Takasugi

Cosplayer: Rain

Variant: Anime ver

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

22nd October 2011: Progress Got some more eye bandages and a smoke pipe today in the post. The smoke pipe isnt that good, its fake OTL It will have to do. -_-
The photo was slightly edited but only the contrast brightness,tone because I took it on my phone the quality was really crap. Seems like I bandaged the wrong eye as well?? Im not sure what eye its supposed to go on OTL But yeah Im pleased with how I look in this cosplay overall.

11th October 2011: Update The main part of my costume arrived in time for EXPO yesterday! YESSS!! I commissioned it though. It looks awesome in my opinion. Fits well and I'm feeling more confident about this.
The wig I ordered for him arrived ages ago with some bandages I just need to style it.
I need to figure out how to wrap the bandage and buy something for my eye underneath cos it hurts using just the wraps if that makes sense.

Tundra avatar

Tundra - 3rd August 2011
Ah! You're going to make a brilliant Takasugi! I loved your Sarutobi last October! (Joui!Takasugi here) Can't wait to see pictures!!

Dr._Tim avatar

Dr._Tim - 6th August 2011
God! I've been waiting to see this cosplay!

Clover-tan avatar

Clover-tan - 8th August 2011
Awesome! :D I'm hopefully cosplaying Sougo Okita from Gintama to the Oct expo, it's good to know that I won't be the only Gintama cosplayer! xD

Rain avatar

Rain - 4th September 2011
@Tundra Hiii!!! :D Omygosh yes I remember that Gintama meet was the best!!! Thanks!! Cant wait to cosplay him ^^

@Dr.Tim So have I! I got fed up of waiting for someone else to do it XD

@Blue_Clover Really!!! Whaaa finally!! TT_TT Another Gintama cosplayer!! YES!!!

amecos avatar

amecos - 20th September 2011
This will be amazing. I will be hunting you down for pictures. ; u ;
May try and get my Gintoki done for october if possible!

Rain avatar

Rain - 29th September 2011
Lunarbean: Aww thanks! Would be awesome if you could get your gin san costume done in time. Would be nice to take some photos of us in combat or something haha >W<