Adventure Sphere
Portal 2

Cosplayer: electrospectrum

Variant: Human

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

28th September 2011: Howdy, name's Rick A mysterious package arrived in the post today, despite the fact that I hadn't ordered anything lately. You can imagine how excited I was to find this inside, with a free t-shirt and some stickers as well! The people at Cosplay1 are really nice~. :D
It fits perfectly and it's awesome to have a racesuit type cosplay. Only problem is that the wristbands are a lot longer than I expected and look like sleeves when I wear them, so I'm not sure whether to go with them or not?
This is now complete, I just need to order the boots. :)

23rd September 2011: Bearded Up Beards. Fun to wear, fun to apply, but they do take a while. |'D
I'm quite happy with how this came out, especially the sideburns! The middle bit is a bit thick and cartoony, but that's kind of how I wanted it. Rick is a bit ridiculous after all~.
Plus the costume is officially finished and will be on it's way soon! :D

22nd September 2011: aisuhfaishguasg Cosplay1 have put up progress shots and it looks AMAZING.
Link: (scroll down a couple)
I am now extremely excited for this to be done so I can go through my normal ritual of wearing it around the house when it arrives. XD
Just need to buy some boots now~.

3rd September 2011: FFFFFF Okay so my hat and boots arrived this morning, BUT with an error.
I ordered the boots in a UK 5 and they've sent me ones in US 5 (which is UK 3). Having small yet wide feet this does not fare well for me and so I shall have to send them back. I'll post a photo when my new pair get here. :)

ember329 avatar

ember329 - 24th September 2011
I love the design you chose for him,can't wait to see it!