Cosplayer: Raine

Variant: Dream Meltic Halloween

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Ayacon 2011

1st August 2011: Disspleased Okay this one is proving to be one of my hardest cosplays for Aya, you'd think it's be Kneesocks from PSG but that was fairly simple. However re-lining a pre-existing cloak making a hat cover and trying to make a weird lantern thing is = a pain in my neck -_- I have the cloak almost ready to be lined (I stpidly desided to follow the previouse lining which was panels...) then I have the lovely lantern to make. For some odd reason when I was paining to orb I thought it was green so I ordered green glow in the dark paint... Weeeeeeeell I found out it was yellow so I painting the base yellow n in the dark it'll glow green and I'll just have to love with it ¬_¬; I have the chain I only need to paint the face onto the orb and make the actual lantern.

This cosplays going to be pain for another reason... I wont be able to put the hat in my suitcase because of interfacing and the lantern wont be able to go in. D: D: I may just wear the hat pft.

19th July 2011: Hat again Making the hat cover now, not exactly easy sometimes so glad I remembered to cut down to make slats XD then I need to figure out how to do the circle base but I think I know what I'm going to do~

18th July 2011: Arg I hate ironing... Orignally that was all I was going to say but now I'd like to point out that I hate interfacing and editing hats.

On another note though my hat looks sexy so far!! still got to add new fabric instead of the lining but from the back it looks like The Sorting Hat from Harry Potter... :/