Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

Cosplayer: Raine

Variant: Uniform

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Ayacon 2011

4th August 2011: Shoes Pudding had sourced me some black kitten heeled shoes and for a while I had thought they would do as I have red tights AND white stockings to wear but when I tried that in my home they still fell off D:

After work on Tuesday I went to Primark in Glasgow and saw these sexy black shoes in my size that actually fit! Only 3 left on the shelf, ontop of that they where on sale for £6 from £12! So I snagged them and when I got them to the till the cashier looked confused and then I got told they were £1! BEST BARGIN EVER~~ Unfortunatly it now means I may be quite a bit taller than Pudding who's already going to wear high shoes just to get near my hight... Why must I be so tall D':

30th July 2011: Arg Currently unpicking my Kneesocks skirt to resew it, I should have finished this over a week ago but I hate unpicking and I had applied for a job then a job interview then a job in the space of a week so I've been a bit AHGFDFV ish xD.

Also for this cosplay I have to wear a padded bra, so I'll be in a billion layers, I hope it's not too warm or I may die ;_;

19th July 2011: Death Book I desided to make the Death book because Kneesocks almost always seems to have it that n it should have been easy.
I got the book easily enough and I had the correct foam already in my house. So I made the oval and the bat/devil shape and I managed to glue little crossess and part of my hat for other costumes fine. The Death book however? Well lets just say it desided to spew out glue which in turned has burned one of my fingers badly enough that I have a blister. Thanks for that Death book D:
Despite this my book looks awsome already~ Now to paint on Death but I'll do that when I get a thinner paint brush ^_^

16th July 2011: Update The suits are almost done, thanks to Pudding because we originally agreed to buy beige suits n mod them but alas that wasnt ment to be and she went forth n got fabric, due to the distance between us I didnt have much help in the whole suit making dept. My wig still needs styled waiting to get the horn put on the wig first. I also found an old pair of glassess that I had 4 years ago that will suit Kneesocks well :D
We did our first make-up test yesterday where I got red'ed up which was interesting as I HATE people poking around my eye so I help flinching everytime Shae went to put on eyeliner ect.
Then both Puds n I got our fangs molded to our teethies~
Pudding n I however wont be wearing contacts, we had thought about it till we discovered Puddings allergy so she cant go near it without death so we desided life was better lol!

My hands are still kinda red and so is my face D: so glad our cosplays are for an event and we can go bathe afterwards!

Eloraborealis avatar

Eloraborealis - 5th July 2011
Ooooh pwetty wig, looks great! :D

JustPeachy avatar

JustPeachy - 5th July 2011
Yay Kneesocks :D I shall look out for you at Ayacon!

Raine avatar

Raine - 5th July 2011
Thank you both :D The wig feels lovely and it arrived a week before it's earliest arrival date~ I plan on doing more Kneesocks cosplays in the Future and I maybe doing another variant for Aya. I look forward to seeing you at Ayacon too kawaii_princess (Marik luv haha)

Nachtangel avatar

Nachtangel - 5th July 2011
Ooo will be looking out for you at Aya, love the wig <3

- avatar

- - 6th July 2011
Wig looks very lovely, perfect colour

Raine avatar

Raine - 6th July 2011
Thank you very much for the nice comments~ I was worried the wig was going to be a shade darker after ordering but I'm really happy with the shade :D

Plasticsharkattack avatar

Plasticsharkattack - 16th July 2011
loving the makeup test shots - cant wait to see this! Freakin love P&SwG :)

ToroSonyCat avatar

ToroSonyCat - 16th July 2011
That make-up is perfect! :D

Raine avatar

Raine - 16th July 2011
Thank you very much!~ Two hours it took only because I flinched frequently when makeup was applied to my eyes xD

Eloraborealis avatar

Eloraborealis - 16th July 2011
Wow, the make-up is superb! I wish I was going to Ayacon now to see this completed!

Lozzie avatar

Lozzie - 16th July 2011

Raine avatar

Raine - 16th July 2011
Thank you both muchly! :D I cant wait to wear it at Aya~

- avatar

- - 16th July 2011
You make an amazing kneesocks! and i totally know what you mean about the 'strangely looking good with red skin' its weird man!

Raine avatar

Raine - 17th July 2011
Teehee, thank you!~ Why is red so good for the complection!? Oh well I wont complain :D

L4dyPaiNe_X avatar

L4dyPaiNe_X - 19th July 2011
You suit kneesocks ^_^ good luck

Raine avatar

Raine - 19th July 2011
Aw, thank you~ :3

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 19th July 2011
The make-up and wig look amazing.

Raine avatar

Raine - 19th July 2011
Thank you Sephirayne ^_^

Mangamad avatar

Mangamad - 19th July 2011
Briefs: GAH-HA-HA!! DX

Can't wait to see this in Aya. XD

Raine avatar

Raine - 19th July 2011
Teehee, I cant wait to see your Brief cosplay Mangamad!~

FusionRose avatar

FusionRose - 20th July 2011
Progress is looking great. Looking forward to seeing more! x.

Raine avatar

Raine - 20th July 2011
Thank you muchly! I'm really looking forward to wearing this Cosplay~ :3

Plasticsharkattack avatar

Plasticsharkattack - 27th August 2011
I really love this!! I'm doing a male version of Kneesocks for October expo, I hope I can look as amazing as you do. Superb job! :3

JustPeachy avatar

JustPeachy - 27th August 2011
You look wonderful! I loved you in the masquerade!

Raine avatar

Raine - 27th August 2011
@plastic_anime Ooo I was hoping to go to Expo and to reware her but if I get this job I wont be able to as I wont be allowed a holiday in Ocotber, I'm sure you'll make an awsome Mr. Kneesocks~

@kawaii_princess Aw thank you very much!~ I tried to keep up her little strut during the masquerade xD

Lady Wunjo avatar

Lady Wunjo - 15th September 2011
You look fantastic. :D

Mangamad avatar

Mangamad - 16th October 2011
Saw your cosplay...but Brief wasn't around to see it. XD

Raine avatar

Raine - 16th October 2011
Breif had a lucky escape then! :D xD

XxSylentiumxX avatar

XxSylentiumxX - 20th October 2011
your Kneesocks cosplay is awesome and good job on the make up too ^^

Raine avatar

Raine - 20th October 2011
Thank you! x3 I enjoyed wearing it~