Nia Teppelin
Gurren Lagann

Cosplayer: Einmyria

Variant: Anti- Spiral

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Ayacon 2011

14th August 2011: Shoes Bought the base for these shoes for a pound in a local shop ^^
I removed the straps and then spray painted with car paint. The black detail was drawn on using permanent marker pen.

14th August 2011: Wig of doom! Finished the wig except for washing and re curling!
This wig started life as two white wigs, I combined the two to get the fullness for Nia and then spray dyed the wig blue and blond/silver with acrylic ink and surgical spirit...worked really well
Some of the curls have droped out through the dying proces but I shall fix that tomorrow.
Also It's difficult to tell how long this wig is in this picture but its standing on my manakin so it is really very long!

cosrai avatar

cosrai - 15th May 2011
Yaaaay for Gurren Lagann, you will look awesome as Nia 8D

Eevee avatar

Eevee - 19th July 2011
Yay for Gurren Lagann cosplays! XD

CrystalNeko avatar

CrystalNeko - 14th August 2011
THAT WIG!!! It's so lovely and thick, I love that you combined two wigs and then dyed. Looks so much more natural! Cannot wait to see the finished thing :)

JustPeachy avatar

JustPeachy - 26th August 2011
You look amazing as Nia!

Numta avatar

Numta - 6th September 2011
Awesome Nia! =]

Saffron avatar

Saffron - 14th November 2011
Very nice, so accurate!

Uni avatar

Uni - 22nd November 2011
Whaaaaa! SO CUTE! :D

zabuza89 avatar

zabuza89 - 28th November 2011
you look adorable

ToroSonyCat avatar

ToroSonyCat - 28th November 2011
I love it!

Siouxsie James avatar

Siouxsie James - 2nd April 2013
Really wish I'd seen this cosplay in person, looks awesome! <3 Nia Anti-Spiral!!