Hitman Reborn!

Cosplayer: Spinni

Variant: Default

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

cowiee avatar

cowiee - 27th March 2011
Oh, looking goood :D

Spinni avatar

Spinni - 27th March 2011
Thank you kindly~ :D

CaptainKurfuffle avatar

CaptainKurfuffle - 13th December 2011
Oh my word. You look fantastic!

nadsnadine avatar

nadsnadine - 14th December 2011
Absolutely fantastic~

Spinni avatar

Spinni - 14th December 2011
Thank you both very much!!! :D I really need to post an image of the complete cosplay! hahah

CaptainKurfuffle avatar

CaptainKurfuffle - 17th December 2011
Yes. Yes you do.