Sakata Gintoki

Cosplayer: cookie

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

30th March 2013: Sword finished finally its finished! all i need to do now is spice up me wig abit more so looks more like Sakata Gintoki hair style ^_^

27th March 2013: wig the wig was perfect when i got all i neede to do was to cut the fringe to my eye level and bingo i got a wig that fit me head haha all i need to do now is to paint my sword and ill be done but unfortunately i left me paint at work doh!

21st March 2013: boots iv got wellies for the boots i hope they look ok

14th March 2013: costume all i need now is the wig ^___^

6th March 2013: sword shape finished I have finished shaping the sword and now it looks like a sword. but iv messed up the handle tho. oh well cant get every thing perfect

28th February 2013: making of sword busy sizing and shaping the sword using wood slowly but surly getting their.

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- - 15th March 2011
Your gunna suit this so much!

cookie avatar

cookie - 15th March 2011
thanks ash

BladeyCakes avatar

BladeyCakes - 28th February 2013
Great to see more Gintama cosplayers 8D I cant wait for more progress on this! Working on Hijikata atm myself~ ^^

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cookie - 31st March 2013
thank you same here:D

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JustPeachy - 3rd April 2013
You're so perfect as Gintoki! Love this so much <3

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cookie - 4th April 2013
Thank you very much:)

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Greenstar88 - 6th April 2013
Great pictures! love the surroundings :)

cookie avatar

cookie - 6th April 2013
Thank U :D