Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

Cosplayer: Izzy Cosplay

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Ayacon 2011

4th August 2011: Rework Currently reworking this. Remaking the backpack to look more metallic, and properly housing the sidepiping.
Also making Brief's badges and curling the wig to make it more accurate.

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Anonymous - 4th March 2011

Can't believe you're gonna do this. Tis gonna be a lot of work but I KNOW you can pull it off. Gonna be so epic gah~!

I cannae wait~

Izzy Cosplay avatar

Izzy Cosplay - 4th March 2011
I'm going to be awesome :D And you can verbally berate me all day.

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Anonymous - 4th March 2011
Fufufu oh yes, I forgot about that aspect. Fufufu, sweet eating & nastiness hoi!
We're gonna be so epic~ Just a note to say how awesome it is we're doing like the same series. Trust me, it's SO much more fun to do that rather than cosplay individual series. Idk I get more of a kick outta it anyways.

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JustPeachy - 24th May 2011
Yay Brief!! Your wig is looking epic :D

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Saffron - 2nd August 2011
Ahhh you look so good here too! I might be wearing Panty in the evening on Saturday for the party :)I do have red dress Panty too somewhere...

Izzy Cosplay avatar

Izzy Cosplay - 3rd August 2011
I'll have Brief on too as he's my Saturday. Unless it's ridiculously hot. I'm always open to adding more Panty's to my collection.
I mean more the merrier.
He's being remodeled at the minute as he was unfinished at May Expo AND he got broken on the train ride ;_;