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Status: Complete

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18th March 2011: Scarf/Boots/Headset I dedicated today to going into Birmingham with my Mum to trawl the Rag Market for some material for my scarf and some sort of pleather to make boot covers with. I thought for sure that the former would be easy to find but in the end I had to make do with some sheeting because nothing else seemed to be the right colour! The only other possible match was some Duchess Satin at £5/6 a metre @__@ it was so, so gorgeous and I wanted it so bad, but I just couldn't justify it for Kaito XD I had to compromise though and I'm happy with the decision I made.
Next was finding some sort of pleather/vinyl for the boot covers. I have no idea how I'm going to do them but I'll think about that later ...
I thought we'd have to go to the fabric warehouse to find anything even close for this, but Mum asked at one of the stalls she knows and the lady pulled out a roll of matte pleather which was absolutely PERFECT. £6 a metre but she let me have half a metre so that saved me a little :3 Fabric for two full length Kaito scarves and a pair of boot covers came to about a tenner so I was very happy with that.

As for the headset, there was a single-side earpiece with mic that I found on eBay for about £2 that is gonna suffice for now. I've got to pull the cables off and fiddle around to make it pretty, but the base is there.

Looks like I have everything now : ) it's just a case of bringing it all together and seeing how it looks.

15th March 2011: Trousers Just went for a mooch in the town centre today to look out for something I could use for my Kaito trousers. I found a pair of men's trousers in Primark that I thought could work. The colour is described as "stone" but it's a grey/brown colour and would probably take well to fabric dye. The main thing was that they were cheap at £7, they fitted me and they would work as a base.
I came back to check the concept art and realised that they are pretty much bang-on in terms of colour, so no messy fabric dyeing like I thought I'd have to do : ) I'll be back home this weekend to buy fabric for and make my scarf, so I'll dig out my fabric paints and make a stencil for the arrow designs on the trousers. All being well, we should be sorted for Kitacon :D

15th March 2011: Wig My Kaito wig arrived earlier this weekend : ) I chose the blue prince style wig from Ayanamisatoru which appears to be a good match for the style and colour, and as always, is wonderful quality. Took around 2 weeks to arrive, but shipping was only something like £5 so this was fine.
I've commissioned limegreenjelly to make my coat and she's shown me a WIP picture and it's looking awesome :D once that is done, I need to sort trousers, a headset and some sort of bootcovers, but I'm hoping that'll all be done this week with the amount of free time I have.
Here's hoping!

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misfit_mosher - 21st February 2011

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Clover-tan - 26th February 2011
And I shall cosplay as your counterpart~! ^__^