Tron Legacy

Cosplayer: zane-destiny

Variant: own Variation

Status: Planned

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

10th February 2011: Helpful Links So I founda suitable wetsuit and some good EL wires, heres the ebay links if anyones itnerested:




4th February 2011: Helmet So while I'm waiting for my Paypal details to confirm (waiting for those verify payments to send to my new account, I'm sure I dont need to verify it but I dont wanna risk it again even though there wasnt any problems before ^^:) I have been messing around with helmet ideas.

The new Legacy's clear half-visor look doesnt quite appeal to me, I prefered Anon's full faced look since it looks more sexy, plus it covers my ugly mug XD.

Thanks to good old I found a rather snazzy base.
I'll be using the Forerunner Helmet Tester as the base since it has an interesting angular look to it. Plus its real easy to make.

With a few modifications it should look ideal. Of course I'll be using my old friend resin also but I'll take better care of doing it this time.

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Anonymous - 22nd January 2011
OMG~ Reli?
Couldn't wait to see~
What sort of material are you gonna use?
I was thinking about cosing Quorra though..Just no idea how to begin~

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zane-destiny - 22nd January 2011
Well have to get a good wetsuit first I think. I would try a zentai suit but I think wetsuit would be so much more durable to mess around with. Plus could be warmer ^^:.

I'm hunting on ebau for EL Wire and Wetsuits, I'll post links into Journals when I found something of interest if you like? =3

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Anonymous - 22nd February 2011
Due to finance constraints, I shan't be Troning it up this year, but next year I intend to cosplay my own OC from a long-running TRON rp I've been a part of, it'd be brilliant if we could meet up next year. :)

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zane-destiny - 24th February 2011
Yeah definately would love to meet up =D
Next year seems more realistic anyways, I didn't really plan to cosplay this year but im still in maybes.

2012 was meant to be my retirement year after all ^^:

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Anonymous - 26th February 2011
Pah! I was meant to retire this year, but dear XXX-1, my fellow Program, convinced me otherwise ;) I truely look forward to seeng the finished costume