Yukari Tamura
My Wish My Love

Cosplayer: Ichigo-Chan

Variant: Butterfly dress

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

6th March 2013: Fabric brought for dress base 8 metres of white duchees brought @ £4.99 per metre. I love the quality and price, plus the fabric is not too shiny.

I hope 8m will be enough to make this dress, otherwise I will have to go on another shopping spree for more fabrics!

6th March 2013: New nail polish colour New nail polish colour. Whilst nail colour is a very minor detail, I just found the perfect colour by pure luck from Natural collection which only costs £1.89. I love the pearly pink colour though probably need to add 2 layers to each nail since the vanish is thin.

7th July 2012: Shoes Whlist the shoes is a very minor part of the dress since the dress will cover whatever is underneath the skirt, it can make a difference to the length of skirt depending on the size of the heel, so will need to buy the shoes before making a start to the actual dress.

Originally was going to use my white shoes which was worn for my pink Nanoha ball dress, but realised the 4 inch killer heels will make me DEAD and they are not in a good condition anymore.

My white boots from Body Line finally arrived through the post. They are comfortable, expect I need to loosen the laces from the top since they are abit tight around my legs. One thing I realised is the boots takes too much luggage space, so will use my Lolita shoes (also from Body Line) as a back up since they are comforatble, suitable and most importantly, take up less luggage space. The heels are only 1cm higher then the boots, so they should work well.

10th June 2012: Bracelet complete BRACELET COMPLETE!!!!! and it looks like a wedding bracelet too.

This took almost an entire day to make because the threading of invisible thread took forever and it was tedious! At least I got the boring part done and dusted, well until I start to make the neckllace, I will be using the same method provided I can buy the same jewels from Hobby Craft.

3 layers of thin white satin ribbon has been glued to the bracelet and the final touch is making a bow on where the bracelet links.

This is not 100% accurate because it's difficult to get a decent reference picture of a small detail though in the "making video" they showed one brief close up of the actual bracelet and one error which I've made is the cup of the jewels (or whatever they are called?? the things which holds the jewels in place) are gold and NOT silver. Ah well, I'm not going to re-make unless I have time and besides, I did struggle to find gold, nevertheless, I'm not a perfectionist on minor details which are not noticable.

9th June 2012: Bracelet WIP Managed to make a start to the bracelet because looking through all my craft materials, I have some aluminum wire, invisible thread, white ribbon and at least 20 white/silver jewels which is enough to materials for the bracelet.

Braclet is made by bending and cuting the wire into right shape, then adding the jewels using an invisble thread with needle. For extra support such that the jewels don't fall off easily if in the worst senerio the thread breaks, glue has been added.

Bracelet is not 100% finished as still need to add the white ribbon.

7th June 2012: Hoop Skirt A start to the dress and DAT skirt is BLOODY MASSIVE!!!!!! I'll probably call it a KILLER DRESS!!!!!!

I've decided to use a 6 hoop skirt with a layer of muslin and it the skirt size turned out bigger then expected. Circumference of the hem of skirt is approximately 385cm, though the muslin layer makes the skirt overall above 4 metres. I am unsure if I should go back using my original 4 hoop skirt as used for my pink Nanoha ball dress (see - http://www.cosplayisland.com/costume/view/51055) but 4 hoops is too small and as I have experinced with my Rachel Alucard and Sakura pink dress, it may not handle the weight of a skirt with so many layers, so I can't win either way.

Anyways, I'll think I'll stick with a 6 hoop and can always adjust the hoops to make the skirt smaller if nessecary.

I will make a start on the skirt once I brought the shoes as I am more likely to buy heels and can not predict the length of fabric to cut without knowing the size of the heels.

4th June 2012: Sequneces and Jewels Sequences and jewels all brought from the same shop and admittingly I cleared out the shop with all all the gold sequences and the person at the checkout was wondering why I need all those sequences for???

I need loads of gold for the oganza over skirt layer. Unsure if I will need this much, however having too many is better then too little, afterall the dress is massive so who knows.

As for the other jewels, I still need to buy some more in different shapes and sizes... *cries* What the picture is showing is almost £40 worth of jewels/sequneces and looks as though I m,ay have to dig out another £30+ to get more!!!!

4th June 2012: Boot choices? The right pair is from Ebay which is more accurate and cheaper at £22 including shipping, however uncertain about the comfort and quality???
The left pair is from BodyLine for £49 including shipping, more expensive but I can guarantee the quality and comfort as my last couple of Body Line shoes which I brought are very comfortable. The advantage of buying this pair is that they will work with many of my Lolita outfits and/or Jpop cosplays, so maybe leaning towards these pair of boots and an excuse to reuse all the time.

To be fair, I'm not a perfectionist when it comes to buying shoes/boots for a massive dress which will cover what you wear underneath though buying a suitable pair will be perferable as at the odd occassions, in particular when walking down the stairs or when holding your dress to walk, your shoes will be shown and how embarrassing it can be to wear un-matching pairs. I was originally going to wear my white 4 inch heels shoes which originally worn for my pink Nanoha ball dress, but discovered the problem of the heels killing my feet and walking on steps is difficult as can't see where I am stepping.

3rd June 2012: Wig or no wig decision? Despite being happy buying a wig for this cosplay, I am still unsure and debating if I should really wear this wig. The reason is the pigtails are too thick and if I thin them out it might mess up the expensive wig. the wig will also give a slight un-natural look compare to my own hair.
Despite my own hair being a little too dark, I still can style my own hair but discovered it will take 2 hours to curl and it may not be long enough at the time of wearing this costume.

I'll think I will make my desicion closer to the time, but at least I'm happy I got a wig as back up if my own hair FAILS!

3rd June 2012: Possible nail polish colour? I have not even started to look for some of the minor details of this cosplay such as shoes, nail polish or make up. Whlist buying some Max Factor make up for another cosplay, I got a make up bag alongside with an eyeliner and nail polish for free. One of the free nail polish is 704 Disco Pink Nailfinity and I am on a debate whether to use this colour or buy another colour which is more accurate?
Looking at the PV, Yukarin's nails are a medium pearly pink? maybe? because the colours are tweaked in the PV, so can't clearly see the natural colour. Since nail colour is a very minor feature, I will be using this colour as a back up if I am unable to find a better and/or more accurate colour.
The beauty of Yukarin's dress is it works with most colours of nail polish which are light or pearly though for accuarcy, I will be sticking with pink.

14th November 2011: So it starts The wig arrived through the post months ago, but I forgot to mention (FAIL!) Although the wig is beautiful at a high quality, I am not too sure about using this wig for Yukarin. I want the wig to look as natural as possible, but the pigtails are too thick and there is no parting on the back of the wig.

I also started to gather materials by buying several types of jewels, wires, organza and many more brought from Dunlem Mills. They have a sell on Organza @ £0.99 per metre, so how can I refuse this bargin.
I also need to find out if I got enough spare white duchees sating to make the base of dress. I'm pretty sure I have brought 10+ metres a couple of years ago for one of my Sakura cosplays which I never got round to even starting!

13th June 2011: Wig brought What did I say about not buying a wig for Yukarin's cosplays? Well, I LOVE Yukarin so much that I want all of my Yukarin cosplays to be as accurate as possible, so I decided to go ahead with a wig even though it may mean digging out money from my bank account.

Thanks so much to Amine_Angel for showing me this wig, your a life saver as I've been searching for a good quality long dark brown wig with wavy pigtails for ages and this wig from CosplayWig is perfect! However it means waving good bye to £34.49, nevertheless it's worth it and I'm impatient to search for another wig at the same price or less.

I can't wait until this wig arrives through the post!