Nabi and Doki
There She Is

Cosplayer: Jenivere

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

19th February 2011: Headpieces! I started with some wire and the canoe helmet this morning. I've now got the basis of Nabi's headpiece done! So excited! It took a lot of work with pliers and wire cutters (I used them both so much my finger has a blister on it from them!) and a good deal of bashing, bending and generally forcing the wire to do what I wanted. I took photos of each stage for the costume album, but the one on here is the sort of half finished product at the end of today's work! Still a long way to go, but for Nabi the hard part is over! I'm hoping Doki will be easier, as I have a trick up my sleeve for her headpiece ;) watch this space!

1st February 2011: Shoes! Tops! Shirt collar! YES! I just found the shoes for £3 per pair, bargain! Just plain white flat shoes from *shudder* Primark. I also managed to sort the tops out by buying some white roll neck tops from work - with my staff discount this made them £3.50 each. I just need to cut off the roll necks from both.

Also managed to get a pink shirt from a charity shop for £4, the body will be too small for me but the collar is perfect so I'm thinking I'll cut off the main part of the shirt and sew the collar to the roll neck :D

Now all I need is Nabi's white trousers and a green scarf.....and then to make the headpieces.....AAAARGH! Will be starting them soon and taking progress pics throughout. Also need some white gloves, but it's looking good so far!

31st January 2011: Helmets! Shopping lists! My dad donated an old canoe helmet, so I'll be using this for the starting point of Nabi's headpiece. As they're expensive, the second helmet for my Doki will probably be a bicycle helmet or something like that. But I've decided to work on the Nabi head first, his cat ears and head shape are going to be the most tricky, and as my lovely boyfriend isn't here to try it on it's best his is the helmet we can easily adjust the size of.

Other than this, dad has also offered to donate glue and newspaper and help me shop for fabric and wire and help put it together. This is my first big project and I am officially TERRIFIED! But if it all goes well I'll probably be making some more adventurous costumes....

13th November 2010: Skirt! Found the perfect white skirt on ebay, less than £4 including delivery :) awesome! I've decided I want to try and get these finished for May 2011 MCM Expo. I'll be doing Chun Li one day, but this the other with any luck :D

11th November 2010: Planning I'm thinking the heads are going to be the most important part for me. I want to make fully modelled heads we can wear like helmets.

Idea 1 will be to use bike helmets as a starting point then use wire and felt to shape and cover the head and ears. My only concern is getting something that'll fit and sit comfortably for a lot of walking around, and working out how to see!

I'll probably start this sometime in December or more likely January when I have some small amounts of time off work. I'd really like to get the faces right for the costumes, and I'm terrified it'll all go horribly wrong. At least there's always the backup plan of facepaint and ears!

PandoraCaitiff avatar

PandoraCaitiff - 13th February 2011
OMG! I didn't know anyone else had seen this awesome cartoon (except maybe fellow Newgrounds members).

This is awesome!

Jenivere avatar

Jenivere - 14th February 2011
Hehehehe :D I've got most of the clothing now, just need to start work on the head pieces :D if it's a success, this will probably be a well re-used costume set :) I'm a big fan....I have the music to each of the episodes on my mp3 makes me retardedly happy :P

PandoraCaitiff avatar

PandoraCaitiff - 14th February 2011

I look forward to seeing it. If it goes well I might be persuaded to join in at future expos. I quite fancy being one of the rabbit biker gang :D

(I'm going to put it in my planned folder as a reminder!)

Hannah-Kiwii avatar

Hannah-Kiwii - 20th May 2011
They look so good! I will hunt you down at expo, I really can't wait to see this!

Jenivere avatar

Jenivere - 20th May 2011
Thankyou :) I'm really excited to see if we're really recognised! :P worried about the limited view range from the helmets though!

PandoraCaitiff avatar

PandoraCaitiff - 23rd May 2011
OMG! You did the giant heads. Wow! *other sounds of amazement*

Cant wait to see this at expo!

Jenivere avatar

Jenivere - 23rd May 2011
Mew! :D it was a bit tricky to do and I was crapping myself painting on the faces (I have since given Nabi some eyebrows) because I had no time left to fix it. I'm away now until Thursday night when my mate is picking them up to transport for me :) <3 I'm excited, but also terrified!

Hannah-Kiwii avatar

Hannah-Kiwii - 31st May 2011
It was so lovely to meet you and your boyfriend and to get to see these costumes. It's always good to meet other TSI fans, and you did such an amazing job on these costumes! Really was a great thing to see, and it was awesome that you guys couldn't walk a few steps without getting stopped for photos!

PandoraCaitiff avatar

PandoraCaitiff - 2nd June 2011
Your costumes looked amazing. I was very impressed with the finished thing :)

CrystalNeko avatar

CrystalNeko - 14th July 2011
Oh wow, brilliant job on the costumes! Loving the proportions you've given to the heads, it's exactly right!

Ammy avatar

Ammy - 14th July 2011
This is so neat!! :D

gaming_goddess avatar

gaming_goddess - 14th July 2011
These are so cute! Must of taken ages but so worth it! They look brilliant!