White Dino Ranger
Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Cosplayer: Rich29

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

17th November 2010: Helmet fixing ive started fixing the helmet with the putty most of cracks gone almost ready for painting

7th November 2010: Drago morpher Drago Morpher toy now ordered too :)

5th November 2010: Orders Ordered my crafting putty super glue masking tape and some white gloss sprey :)

4th November 2010: Order delivered My helmet and suit have finally arrived a fair few cracks on the helmet but for the price im not compalining. Plus boots need a good fix up and shield and belt to be ordered

2nd November 2010: Helmet And Suit Helmet the main body suit with boots and gloves and the dagger have been ordered. I am waiting on a confirmation for the shield and the belt though

Sasashie avatar

Sasashie - 19th November 2010
GO GO Power Rangers!!!! you mighty morphing power rangers ;P

Rich29 avatar

Rich29 - 19th November 2010
Yea but im not a Mighty Morphing im a Dino Rangers Roar :P

Sasashie avatar

Sasashie - 19th November 2010
:P i didnt watch it after series 2 :P :P :P :P

Kata-san avatar

Kata-san - 30th December 2010
Go Go...oh wait...Damn you Sasashie, you got there before me ;-)

I loved the original power rangers and your costume's looking great! Very ranger-y.

Good Job!

cowiee avatar

cowiee - 3rd June 2011
Amazing! This is just incredible! :D

Rich29 avatar

Rich29 - 3rd June 2011
Thanks :)

Captain_Marvelous avatar

Captain_Marvelous - 10th June 2011
Helm looks great! where do you get them! ^^

Rich29 avatar

Rich29 - 11th June 2011
Mine was a random ebay helmet but ive got 3 others all from rangerboard.com :)

WarriorTeddy avatar

WarriorTeddy - 12th July 2011
wish I got to see you in May, your costume look super cool!
Pls let me know if you want to sell any of your helmets :)

Rich29 avatar

Rich29 - 14th July 2011
Not sure if i will sell any yet by may have a black space ranger helmet i might sell though ps may redo the white ranger again in October

Shippofan avatar

Shippofan - 13th November 2011
This a great costume too. I have a friend that cosplayed as this too.

Captain_Marvelous avatar

Captain_Marvelous - 25th February 2012
AbareKiller! looks fuckin amazing! suit is spot on! really nice material!

Rich29 avatar

Rich29 - 22nd July 2012
Thanks i guess i should really come on more not updated in year lol