Oerba Dia Vanille
Final Fantasy XIII / 13

Cosplayer: Yuka

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Hyper Japan 2012 - European Cosplay Gathering UK Group Representative

Showcased 22nd December 2013

20th February 2012: Pre-Aya paint job This is the result of a 12 hour non-stop painting session. I literally sat down at 5pm to start painting this and didn't stop until 5am. Then I had to go pack for Aya and finish the paint job in my dorm room. LOL organisation???

20th February 2012: Binding Rod Progress Some more progress pics of the binding rod that I found. I think I made this prop in the most awkward fucking way possible. If I remake it, I'm going to do it completely out of wood instead. :/

20th February 2012: Beads I think I was so sick of looking at beads by the time I was done making this costume that I didn't remember to upload any of my progress shots.

Oh well. Have a metric fucktonne of beads!

20th February 2012: Bhakti Progress Installed the eyes and antennae, and then finished making the stickers and doing all the weathering. I've attached him to his base now and I just need to finish up the wheels and maybe give him one more coat of PVA to make him shiny and then he's done!

20th February 2012: Bhakti progress Spent the entire day painting this guy!

12th February 2012: Bhakti progress Just need to finish the eyes and then I can start painting him. :]

12th February 2012: Bhakti Found a better reference image to upload :)

15th August 2011: Weapon modelling complete That's me done doing the modelling for Vanille's weapon. Just need to wait for it to dry so I can poly-fill in all the cracks (there's none now but they'll form as it dries), sand it down and then paint it!

14th August 2011: Torture device!! Vanille's normally bizarre but relatively harmless looking binding rod now looks like a torture device...

9th August 2011: Folding Fail I've worked really hard to try to get this prop to have 5 points of articulation (2 for the top antlers to fold down, 2 for the base of the antlers to swing around and fold down, and 1 for the staff to fold in half) so my Binding Rod could fold up and go in Vanille's holster as it should.

Unfortunately it's not really turning out as planned. I'm considering scrapping the whole articulation aspect and just making it into a pretty stationary prop to hold, rather than stressing out trying to make something just so I can have one or two photos of it hanging from my butt. It wouldn't even be a convenient way to carry the prop as I'm horrendous for walking into things (spatial perception = zero) and I would end up smacking it into something or someone!

9th August 2011: Weapon Progress I've been taking loads of progress pictures while working on this but this is the only one really worth uploading at the moment. I used hollow PVC pipe as the base for the prop which I heat moulded into the curved shape for the bottom antlers. I then attached some carved styrofoam for the top antlers. I bulked it up with some insulation foam (slight failed experiment) and am now covering it with model magic which dries light-weight and fairly smooth.

8th July 2011: Binding Rod References Everyone in the group has decided to make the default weapons from FF13 so as such I'll be making Vanille's Binding Rod! Depending on how it goes I might make another weapon for a convention in the future but I quite like this one anyway. :D

15th June 2011: Progress So Far.... The gradient skirt is done bar the beads that I have to sew on to it. The holster is done bar a metal snap or two I want to add to the back. The pink top is done bar a string of pink cord that I need to add to the top, and the necklaces are done (although I would like to remake necklace 1 and 2). The shoes, bangles and earrings are also done, but not shown in this picture.

15th June 2011: Fur Skirt and Holster The fur I ordered was really expensive (but it's soooooo soooooft...) so I couldn't afford enough to make a full circle skirt. So I had to cut two half circle skirts out and sew them together. I decided to research how to cut fur before I started, because usually I go straight in there with scissors and then I wonder why the edges of my fur looks all choppy and crap. I found this excellent tutorial here: http://sewing.about.com/od/techniques/ss/sewingfur.htm which basically taught me to draw the pattern on the back of the fabric and then to cut it out using a stanley knife and gently pulling the fabric apart. It also taught me to brush fur after sewing it to get the fur to sit in the right direction.

After sewing together my circle skirt (the idea came from the-sushi-monster on deviantart who uploaded this useful diagram http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v318/plasticgrl/skirtlol.jpg), I made the holster design after looking at the in-game references closely, as I discovered that it's not symmetrical and is kinda lumpy on one side. Once I cut that out and sewed that on (along with my strap across the front to keep the whole thing attached to me), I made two loops for the holster straps and stitched them on and put a small buckle in the bottom. I want to still add some metal snaps to the back of the holster but it's pretty much done now!

15th June 2011: Shoes The closest shoes I could find to Vanille's were cowboy boots, and they had the perfect colour and heel- the only problem was the decorative stitching on the front. I've had to leave that, but I altered everything else I could to make them as accurate as possible.

First I masked off the leather of the shoe to protect it, and I used some dye darken the wood base as Vanille's shoes are quite dark. I actually used leather dye (that I bought for Yako a few years ago) and it worked surprisingly well! I did about 3 or 4 coats (the second picture shows the darkness comparison between coats) untill I was happy with how the bottoms looked.

I then worked out how high I wanted the boots and I cut them down to size. My friend Felixize gave me some fur she had left over from her Keiji costume (unfortunately the fur I ordered was too cream... damnit ebay and your crap colour comparisons!!) and I used that to make the fur cuffs, which I sewed to the top to keep them in place and then fixed underneath with some glue to stop them from slipping around.

15th June 2011: Necklace 3 and Earrings Vanille's third necklace looks like it's made from pony beads, but when I compared the size of pony beads with the other necklaces and with my body they looked far too small. I couldn't find any beads online that matched the right size and shape I needed so I decided to make my own.

First I rolled out a long tube of model magic into the diameter that I wanted for the beads, and then using a ruler I made a small score to mark the length of each bead. I left it overnight to harden, and in the morning I cut each bead off and rolled it inbetween my fingers to help it regain its round shape.

Then I painted some of the beads and let them dry. After they dried I strung them on to the memory wire necklace and then used plyers at the back of the necklace to curve the metal into a hook and eye clasp. Done!

You can also see the in-progress earrings in the middle picture. I made these out of model magic and inserted a small neodymium magnet inside where it would be attached to my ear. I then let it dry hard and I painted it. My friend Frazzy helped me mix together some paint for the earrings to get an Onyx-like effect.

7th June 2011: Skirt Progress So this is after I think about 3 dying attempts on all of the pieces? I want to darken the side piece even more, even out the gradient on the front piece (and possibly darken the very top slightly more), and defintely darken the back piece a lot more. Otherwise it's starting to come along and I'm quite happy with it at the moment :D

The skirt won't look a thing like this when it's sewn together btw, I just really quickly pinned it on to my mannequin so I could judge how well the dye was coming along.

P.S. If you ever use "Fiebing's Suede and Roughout Dye", USE GLOVES. It stings your hands like a bitch and I don't even normally have sensitive skin.

7th June 2011: Dying the Skirt Oddly enough when I searched the net for advice on how to dye fabric I came across this tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Swl_JQ183J8 by Sands, the Fang in our Final Fantasy group! Although I was using different materials, the idea was very much the same.

I created a dying vat using a large plastic tub which I filled with water and my dye, which I made sure to mix well with the water so the colour would not streak on my fabric. I then rigged up a way to hold my large piece of fabric at once due to its irregular shape by using a pole from a wall-scroll, some scrap bias tape and safety pins. I then would dye the fabric for 15 minutes, inch it out of the water, let it dye for another 15 minutes, inch it out and so-on.

Afterwards I would hang it to dry. Once it was fully dry, I could assess the colour and then redye it if need be.

26th April 2011: Necklace 2 - Cracking I don't know if it's because I mixed acrylic paint into the model magic, or if because it was so thin, but for some reason it cracked in several places. You can't notice it as much when the orange loops are around it but I'd like to remake this necklace if I have time.

25th April 2011: Necklace 1 Time Taken: 1 hour 30 minutes

I'm not sure if this necklace looks too thick. I have loads of materials left over so I might remake this if I still don't like it when I've made the other two necklaces and I can compare them directly.

All thats left on this is to add some sort of closure at the back.

25th April 2011: Necklace 2 - Mess It also isn't cosplay unless your hands get covered in paint!

I used some black airbrush ink (Daler Rowney FW Acrylic Artists Ink) to dye the model magic a few shades darker for the second necklace. I'm going to wait for it to dry before I wrap the orange loops around it. This pic doesn't show even nearly how stained my hands were!

24th April 2011: Necklace Maths For me, it just isn't cosplay without copious amounts of math and weird diagrams.

23rd April 2011: Researching and Buying Materials I've probably spent at least 15-20 hours researching and trawling through eBay for materials; this is the first batch of items I've bought to start on Vanille. The orange and green cord, memory wire and model magic are all for Vanille's necklaces, and then the bracelets and shoes are self explanatory.

Next I'll be buying Vanille's beads, which at the moment are priced at £50.

17th April 2011: Bead Counting So this is how I somehow came to the conclusion that I need to order 1659 tiny beads to make Vanille, because I sure as hell aint making them by hand.

I need about 676 10mm x 5mm Pukalet beads
-> Pukalet White Bone Beads selling at £3.40 for 112 = £20.40

I need about 983 7mm x 3mm Pukalet beads
-> White Clam Pukalet Shell Beads selling at £1.38 for 150 = £9.66

This is ordering from US site... with the cheapest shipping the total will be £50.17. I'm gonna see if I can find a cheaper UK-based solution @_@

Btw, I discovered that good search terms for Vanille's beads include Donut, Spacer, Heishi, Pukalet and Rondelle.

20th March 2011: Vanille Make-Up Test Make-up test! The wig isn't styled yet, and I'll also be wearing green contacts next time. I'm considering shaping my eyebrows as well to match Vanille's a bit better. I appreciate any constructive criticism anyone has!

23rd February 2011: Bought the Wig I e-mailed cosplaywig on ebay asking about the vanille wig they used to have in stock. They said that the old wig was not heat resistant, and that they only stocked heat-resistant wigs now. I sent off a last ditch e-mail asking if there was any way to get ahold of that wig, and they finally sent me a reply a week later saying that they had found one "LAST WIG" in their stock. They set up a private sale with me so nobody else would buy it and it should now be on its way!

Ideally I would have liked to buy two of these wigs and then wefted one of them into the first one to make it a bit thicker, but due to the circumstances it looks like I can't. I'll see how it looks when it arrives :)

Kinreal avatar

Kinreal - 24th August 2010
No doubt it will look good! :D

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Anonymous - 25th August 2010
yay! i'm sure you'll look great!! :3

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eternal_aranel - 25th August 2010
Awesome! I think you'll suit her!

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Emzone - 27th September 2010
Squee *w*

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Angel_of_Algebra - 15th December 2010
As much as I utterly abhor this character, the outfit is wonderful and I can't wait to see your work on it.

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- - 27th December 2010
Oooo never knew you where gunna cosplay this for May :)

If you could, i'd love to get some photos of you as my vanille since i'l be bringing my fang along ~

Your going to look wonderful, and also i understand your information on this so much, i also had my doubts about her but then loved her but then hated some factors, oh god thats ff characters for you~

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ryaoki - 17th January 2011
the collage is far too awsome, i actually cant wait to see it, id have loved to do Maqui at some point!

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Angel_of_Algebra - 18th January 2011
Remote control Bhakti prop too? That sounds amazing. I'm actually really disappointed I won't get to see this.

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Mangamad - 22nd January 2011
Coolness. Manga can't wait to see this cosplay. ^o^

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Sephirayne - 14th February 2011
I'm looking forward to seeing this and the group. You are going to do this so well. You all are going to be brilliant.

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Thirteenthesia - 20th March 2011
You guys are all going to look amazing. Can't wait to see more progress!

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Kerhys - 20th March 2011
Your progress looks good, you have a relaly similar face shape to Vanille's as well! Looking forward to seeing this at Expo :)

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RebaSephiroth2 - 20th March 2011
OMG! You look just like Vanille and you look fantastic. ^_^ XD

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Anonymous - 3rd April 2011

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FuriePhoenix - 20th April 2011
You're going to really suit Vanille! Looking forward to seeing progress!

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MangaChild - 25th April 2011
The whole group is going to look amazing!!!

I'm not even an FF fan but this will rock!

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tousen_218 - 8th May 2011
Ahhhhh your gonna look awesome :3 can't wait to see ya @ expo

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Sephirayne - 7th June 2011
Oh wow! Love the test shot. You really look like her.

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cowiee - 7th June 2011
The test shot looks beautiful. Lovely wig as well!

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SnowmanKline - 7th June 2011
looking good your going to pull this off so well ^__^

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Mungojerrie - 7th June 2011
Just read your info box and read your piercing concerns - just so you know, Claire's sell pierced earring converters. If you did find some earrings similar to Vanille's you would be able to wear them. The converters work like clip-ons. You push the pierced earring post into the converter and then the post is bent so that you can wear them as a clip-on earring.

Just putting an option out there for you :)

Amy-Lou avatar

Amy-Lou - 8th June 2011
Excited to follow your progress on this one, you look very like her and great journals.

With the eyebrows - putting a ref against your test photo I'd say try a browner shade rather than matching the wig, they seem much duller on the ref shot.

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Uni - 15th June 2011
K'ya! You suit her so well and the progress looks amazing!

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Emzone - 17th June 2011
<3<3 Looking amazing as always!
keep at it!

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sjbonnar - 11th July 2011
You look so fantastic as Vanille!

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MoonLily - 11th July 2011
Adorable Vanille! *_* I hope you post more photos soon! :3

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- - 15th July 2011
You make such a cute vanille!!

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Pandora-Chi - 16th July 2011
You make such a GORGEOUS Vanille - The detail is just beautiful <3

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Strawberry_Sprite - 8th August 2011
Beautiful Vanille. and can't wait to see the group photos :D

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Tsuchinoko - 9th August 2011
You really suit Vanille and I love the group preview.
It's great to see that you've managed to get all of the main characters together and hope I get to see them at Aya ^_^

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LinkyLex - 14th August 2011
Your group looks amazing!
This costume is fantastic ^^

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Amy-Lou - 25th August 2011
Well done on the masq performance, super bouncy Vanille action :D
The finished thing looks great and I can't wait for your group plans!

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Donna - 26th August 2011
Wow, absolutely beautiful! Thank you for taking the time to document in the journal - I've really enjoyed following your progress ^_^

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Angelphie - 27th August 2011
This suits you so much and looks fantastic! I love all the detail and I can't believe all the effort that went into those beads. Hope to see the your group together sometime in future :D

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Leolarua - 27th January 2012
you suit this costume so much and you did a wonderful job! loved looking through the process in the journals too. i cant wait to see the full group :D

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Amy-Lou - 27th February 2012
Congratulations again on the ECG place! You did a fantastic job fixing up the weapon and Bhakti is so fun :D

Nomes avatar

Nomes - 27th February 2012
Wow! Vanille's outfit is my favourite of the FFXIII crew and this is near as damn perfect! I'm looking forward to hanging out with you in Paris and very much hope we can get to know each other before then ^_^

FuriePhoenix avatar

FuriePhoenix - 27th February 2012
costume looks great! Seeing these photos confirms my suspicions that it was you as vanille who i walked past at hyper japan when I was Rapunzel ^_^

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Sephirayne - 29th February 2012
Brilliant costume and congrats on the ECG 2012 Team win :D.

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Manticore Arts - 1st March 2012
Congratulations to you and dahlia! Well done!! And amazing Vanille love! You suit her so well

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Ino - 1st March 2012
Well done to you! A very well deserved win~ :D

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sarmander - 5th March 2012
Many congratulations on your win at HJ. You and Dahlia looked fabulous!

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Natsumi - 6th March 2012
You make such a beautiful Vanille!
Seriously love your journal entries, they're really inspiring.. @__@; It's so interesting to see all the processes that this costume has gone through. Really shows how much hard work has gone into it! A deserved win for both of you. :)

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TheSnake - 12th April 2012
Excellent costume,i posted a a couple of shots from Hyper Japan on my site.

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MiniPlum - 20th November 2012
Way too pretty!

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Heorot - 2nd January 2013
Aww y'got my picture in your gallery there ^_^ (HJ). You guys performed fantastically and looked awesome; glad you like the photo!

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cookie - 6th March 2013
you look really great! :)

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Nomes - 23rd December 2013
All the yes for this showcase!

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Littlegeeky - 23rd December 2013
This costume is so beautiful and so are you! Congratulations on the showcase!

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Siouxsie James - 24th December 2013
Grats on the showcase :)