Flynn Scifo
Tales of Vesperia

Cosplayer: Pez

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

2nd October 2010: DONEEEEE Done! Done done done done!

Things that I haven't shown on here/mentioned in previous journal entries, in no particular order:
- chopped the belt buckle to half the size I first made it
- finished the other boot
- painted all of the armour
- added the tip to the hilt of the sword
- adjusted the tunic so that it won't asphyxiate me
- added buttonholes to cape, and buttons to tunic

Have a teaser pic. :D Debuting at Hyper Japan tomorrow!

26th September 2010: Sword 4 Not done yet. Still lacking the little bit at the top of the hilt. I'm quite annoyed at how clunky this ended up looking. But there's no choice - the blade is rather wide near the tip, so the sheath needs to be this wide. The sheath in the official art is turned slightly on its side, so maybe it is supposed to be this wide anyway, it's just not obvious in the art. It's either that or Flynn bends the laws of physics to fit a fat sword in a thin sheath.

But at least he doesn't pull a sword out from a dimensional crotch pocket like so many other games. XD

I carved the gold bits for the sword out of foam because I couldn't find anything that's the right size and shape. The sheath itself is entirely foam apart from the blue bit which is painted cardboard, and the brown bit under the gold area which is vinyl. There are strips of velcro at the top of the sheath and the underside of the belt, so that it can be removed - I don't want to bring the sword to the Cosplay Ball!

The hilt of the sword comes up really high to my chest. :( It's the right size but my torso is shorter than Flynn's. Actually my torso is slightly shorter than most people's and I have problems getting dresses that fit me right!

25th September 2010: Sword 3 I glued the light pull to a wooden rod. The rod is sandwiched by the blade. Then I use epoxy putty to make sure everything join together, and help get the right handle shape, because the light pull isn't exactly the right shape. Then the sanding commenced, first with a dremel and then by hand. Urghhhh it's taking forever.

Before the putty went on, the sword was very very light because it's mostly just foam. With the putty it's now got a decent weight; at least it won't be blown away by the slightest gust of wind!

23rd September 2010: Sword 2 Foam again. In retrospect I should have looked for stiffer foam or other materials, this is way too soft. I can't even have the tip of the sword touch the floor because it'd just bend. Ah well. XD

In the end I bought a light/cistern pull for the handle.

23rd September 2010: Armour 5 The underside of the forearm armour is made of pringles tubes and more foam. :D

20th September 2010: Tunic 7 The boob-window is now closed!

On to the sword!

17th September 2010: Sword 1 (Do ignore Flynn's outfit colours here; his in-game colours are slightly different to the official art colours which my costume are based on. And in the game his tunic has sleeves, too.)

The version of ToV I have is the Xbox one, meaning that I don't get to control Flynn much at all. There are very few chances for me to take a good look at his sword (oh man that sounds dirty)... these are the few reference pictures I managed to get. Guess I'll make the blade out of foam. The handle I'm hoping to find an object of similar shape and Blue-Peter it that way. I've already spent a few weeks searching though, and no luck so far. Bah. =/

15th September 2010: Tunic 6 Just being silly. XDDDDD Still unfinished of course.

I made this far too tight. Need help to put it on and off. Maybe it'll be better when I have the binder on.

12th September 2010: Cape 2 Attaching the lining by hand took forever, but the cape is finally finished!

(After making the mistake with the bobbin thread colour, I tried using white top thread and blue bobbin thread on some leftover material - it turns out if I'd done that, bits of blue would show where the needle goes through. No idea if that's because of my sewing machine, the choice of fabric or my lack of skills, but it seems like I couldn't have used blue bobbin thread anyway!)

9th September 2010: Cape 1 The blue fabric is wool, and the white is the same faux suede again. And it's not that I can sew things without pinning it together first - because the white design is quite narrow in places, pinning was hard, making it pucker up and not lie flat. So I glued it down first. XDDD

After doing most of the sewing (using the buttonhole stitch XD) I realised that I should have used a blue bobbin thread, because the cape lining won't reach right up to the edge so some of the white thread will show. D: FAIL! Guess I'll find a blue felt tip and colour it in...

What's left over of the blue wool will be used as the edge around the tunic. I couldn't find bias binding that wide, and decided it'd be cool to use the same fabric as the cape, just like how I used the same faux suede for the front of the tunic as well as the cape pattern. It should help tie the whole costume together more...?

7th September 2010: Tunic 5 THE CAPTAIN TUNIC LOOKS LIKE A 60'S DRESS. O_o

Now I understand why Yuri doesn't want to be a knight; he already gets mistaken for a woman often enough. Flynn, on the other hand, might have a secret affinity for dresses? XD;;;; Or he's so manly he doesn't feel his masculinity threatened by the outfit.

(Because of the boob window, I'm putting the zipper on the back of the tunic rather than the front. I'll try to make it look like it's front opening when I put the dark blue edge on.)

7th September 2010: Tunic 4 Neatest bit of sewing I have ever done! Yay!

6th September 2010: Tunic 3 After failing to find white suede, I bought a rather nice white material which I think is a polyester/viscose mix, thinking that I'd use it for the white panel.

Then a few weeks later, Franklins started stocking faux white suede. Really good faux white suede. So I bought some, thinking that I'd just use whichever looks best against the blue.

As for the blue fabric, I bought some faux blue suede on ebay, but it never arrived so the seller refunded me the money. At this point I decided to take a risk and dye the polyester/viscose fabric with Dylon "bahama" machine dye. Although I'm going for the official art tunic, which is pale blue, in the game it's a darker blue/green. The polyester/viscose wasn't going to take the colour as well as cotton, so I figured if it took all the colour, I can say it's right for the game, and if it didn't, then it's right for the official art...

...and I ended up with the pale blue. :D

After all this, the ebay fabric turned up. XDDDD A month after I bought it! I paid the seller back. It's a really nice suede too, and the colour is more the "game" colour. But oh, whatever. I'm going with the pale blue. I'll save the darker one for something else.

I made up my own pattern by adopting a pattern from a previous cosplay (ball!David Nassau), basically just to find out where the waist needs to be, and the curve of the sleeve(-less) area. Using that, I made a toile with calico. Pinned the calico together, then adjusted that to get the size right. The final calico pieces have now become the pattern I'm using to cut out the fabric.

Hope this will work. I'm quite worried about Flynn's boob-window... er I mean chest opening...

5th September 2010: Boots 3 Ta da!

The foam armour is glued on, and there's a belt attached to the back of the big piece, which goes around the back of the boot.

After trying the boots on and finding that I'd made the armour too high, I made some adjustments. But the overall look is unchanged.

5th September 2010: Boots 2 Foam foam foam foam foam foam foam.

Glue glue glue glue glue glue glue!

31st August 2010: Armour 4 I painted the armour pieces with latex and acrylic... and then decided the finish was just no good, so I proceeded to pull off those layers I'd painted. XD; Then, looking at it, I just figured it might be better to start again.

The second picture shows the re-done ones. The piece on the right goes on the arm, the piece on the left goes on the boots. They aren't painted yet, the foam I used is grey that's all. They also need to be heated up and curled into shape.

31st August 2010: Boots 1 These are also from Since boots from the places like Shoe Zone or PriceLess shoes are still some £20+, why not get riding boots that are bound to be hard-wearing for £17? Flynn does ride in the anime as well.

To save a quid or two I bought a child-size pair, but they turned out to be too tight for my calves. So a split was made down the back and eyelets punched. Since there aren't picture of what the boots look like from the back, I guess this is acceptable (and kind of cool. XD)

I kind of like the look of these. Too bad I'm going to be gluing armour onto them. Perhaps I should get another pair...

31st August 2010: Armour 3 Lots of small, fiddly pieces of foam, sealed with glue, rub-n-buff'ed, then sealed with glue again.

The gloves came from They're leather, comfortable and come in different sizes, which is great because my hands are extra small. The best part, however, is the £5.99 price tag. XD

Wearing these I can do basic things like hold a drink, but won't be able to pull my wallet out to get money. Perfect excuse for people to buy me drinks at the Cosplay Ball. >D

24th August 2010: Tunic 2 I haven't been able to find good fabric for the light blue panels of the tunic, or for the cape, so I ordered some on eBay. Well nothing's arrived after almost 4 weeks, so I'm getting the seller to refund me.

The fabric search continues... in the meantime, I'm going to make a toile.

22nd August 2010: Tunic 1 It looks like Flynn's cape is buttoned onto the tunic. I've spent a long time searching for good buttons, but most haberdashery shops just have slightly cheap-looking "military"-ish ones. Eventually I got these, at a market stall which sold various military memobrilia, for £1 each, which is about the same price as the not-so-good ones at a shop. :D The man who sold them to me said these were for general service in WWII. I'm not sure if that's true but they sure are pretty and suitable for Flynn's knight outfit!

Cleaning them was a time-consuming process. In the top picture, the ones near the front are uncleaned ones, the one near the brass polish bottle are the semi-cleaned ones. Then finally the bottom picture shows the cleaned ones. It took /hours/, literally. I think they can be cleaned further but my hands and fingers are rejecting the idea for now.

Hmmmmm, if they really were WWII buttons, my fingers could now be covered in not just brass polish, but also dead people... ah, the things I do for shiny-ness...

18th August 2010: Armour 2 Things are briefly painted/gessoed, then glued together some more.

And it turns out I won't need straps to wear them, because they fit very well on my arms and shoulders! :D

Will paint some more after I've made the shoes as well.

18th August 2010: Armour 1 Plastazote, mostly. Where there are layers of plastazote glued together in the arm tubes, I tapered/thinned out the edges (dremel ftw) so that when it's glued there isn't a huge "step".

For the pauldrons, I papier-mached a salad bowl three times, cut up the pieces and glued them together for the right shape...


(Cape - the fabrics I like don't have the right colour. I don't want anything swishy or satiny because his cape isn't like that. Can't use anything with a thick pile because of the design that needs to go on top. All fabric stuff I can find that's the right blue are acetate satin, crushed velvet, tarp and polycotton. Whyyyyyy. D:)

4th August 2010: Armour plans 2 I just realised that I could also do cross straps, so each one loops over the side of my neck. It might be more stable this way.

Anyway. Straps. Yes. I think straps are the way to go.

4th August 2010: Armour plans 1 Figuring out how to put the armour together, and how to keep it on.

Right now I'm thinking that each section of the arm armour can be attached to a long glove (velcro/glue, etc), but the sections themselves not connected. The armour itself might be easier to make this way, but I'm not sure about how well it can be attached to fabric, and when I move and the fabric stretches and twists, that might cause the armour pieces to come off.

Or, the sections are hinged together somehow. Somehow. I think I might go look up how real arm armour is jointed together and try to get some inspiration.

In either case, at the top of the armour I'm thinking of doing a strap that's like the front of a backpack, with a buckle and adjustable strap (see my amazing photoshop impression XD). The buckle can be hidden under the blue & white clothes. If I make this arrangement both in the front and back, it should help the armour stay on my shoulders and arms.

That's the theory anyway...

3rd August 2010: Belt 2 This was so ridiculously easy to do I feel almost guilty. XD I didn't even need to punch holes in the EVA foam before putting the eyelets through; the metal eyelets just cut through it.

Looking at it though, I guess it might have been better if I used (fake) leather instead. The overall look might be better. Maybe I'll do that and make another belt if I have time later.

The only problem right now is that the prongs are too flimsy, so when I put the belt on they don't sit very well. So I will either reinforce the current prongs by putting a bit of plastic card on the back, or replace them with metal strips or polymorph. Haven't decided which yet.

3rd August 2010: Wig 1 Wig test. This used to be the wig for my David Nassau cosplay. Although I wore that cosplay many times I only ever used the wig once because I got a haircut and decided to use my own hair. XD

Anyway, this was really simple to do, with a bit of trimming and some got2b hairspray - which is AMAZING and everyone should use it!

I need to tame the bulk behind my ear somehow. Probably bobby pins. As for the longer bits around my face, I intend to glue the hair to my face using eyelash glue, which I've done for Zidane before and worked rather well.

1st August 2010: Belt 1 Flynn's buckle seems to be plain and gold. I was a bit worried that it'd just look tacky and bling. Trying to imagine how that buckle would look in real life and remembering how animators tend to simplify designs (think manga vs anime), I decided that I should add a bit of detail to the buckle.

The details are very simple because they only need to say "this buckle isn't just a massive clunky thing" rather than shout "hey these weren't on the official art!111!!" I based them on the design that's on his cape. They were done using crystal lacquer and then painted over.

The prongs are made of thin EVA foam because they can curl around the middle without creating too much bulk. These are now being lacquered so that they'll look 3D and shiny.

30th July 2010: The Plan The plan is to make the outfit out of suedette, because I love using that material. It's easy to sew, clothes made out of it never look cheap, the fabric hangs really well and looks good on camera as well. The alternative is to make it out of good quality wool, which I haven't tried before. For the Cosplay Ball heavy wool might be too thick and hot though. So, the next mission is to find suedette in those colours, which is pretty difficult. Suede(tte) seems to only exist in shades of beige and brown, plus black and red if you're lucky. Bright white suedette often turns out to be sub-quality poly suede, but I want the stuff with the "waxed" back.

I'm going to make the belt buckle out of the 6mm plastazote. The belt itself will be EVA foam, which has a more "closed cell" structure than plastazote and has a rubbery feel. I've got massive rolls of it in 2mm thickness, and in white which means I don't need to do any painting! I've already tried putting eyelets through it and that works just fine. :)

As for the armour itself... I haven't actually decided yet, there will need to be some experiments. It's likely to be a combination of papier mache, plastazote and EVA foam. The key is to make sure it stays together, but I must be able to dance in it too (for a given value of dancing.........)

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 28th July 2010
OMG! Will you be wearing this to anything other than the Cosplay Ball? I have a Yuri cosplay but don't think I'll be wearing that to the Ball...

Pez avatar

Pez - 29th July 2010
If I actually manage to make it and if I don't break it in the ball, then definitely yes! :D

Have you planned your ball costume yet?

MangaChild avatar

MangaChild - 18th August 2010
looking sharp

Kouji avatar

Kouji - 19th August 2010
just great so far~ *_*

Pez avatar

Pez - 19th August 2010
MangaChild & Kouji > Thank you! :) This is the easy part. XD Fun times will start when I do the shoes.......

k4tt avatar

k4tt - 19th August 2010
Progress is looking awesome!! Can't wait to see more armour.
I might just have to order some 'zote from you once I get some funding.
Also, to answer your question about cosplaying in October, I'm hoping to get my Dragon Knight done. If not, then it will just be my wife cosplaying (hopefully she can get hers finished in time)

Yeah, had too many typos so I re-commented ;p

Sammykins avatar

Sammykins - 23rd August 2010
Hi, your flynn is looking great so far!! I was just wondering if there is any chance of you cosplaying at the London Expo in October? There is going to be a bit of a mini vesperia group forming on the Sunday. So far the count stands at a Rita (me!) a Yuri, a Raven and a Zagi. So a Flynn would be really welcome if you fancy it :)

SarahSaiyan avatar

SarahSaiyan - 23rd August 2010
Yes our epic group (be it kinda tiny atm X3) of doom! More characters would be awesome! :D

Pez avatar

Pez - 23rd August 2010
Thanks guys! I'd love to join but ahhhhh on Sunday I'm in a Phoenix Wright group! ;_; No plans for Friday or Saturday though so if by any chance you guys change the day, please let me know!

KiraraYumi avatar

KiraraYumi - 23rd August 2010
Wow, everything looks great so far! Yay for Tales love <3

Sammykins avatar

Sammykins - 24th August 2010
Well I'm Rita'ing it up on saturday with my Yuri so we could do an extra mini meet then if you wanted??

Chikinpoo avatar

Chikinpoo - 31st August 2010
Gosh I cant wait to see this finished. Flynn is <3

Pez avatar

Pez - 31st August 2010
KiraraYumi > ^^ Thank you!

Sammykins > oooh! Hmmm right now I don't know if I'll be taking Flynn to Expo at all, I hope I can it's just that all the armour is quite bulky to transport when I already have Daryan Crescend's c*ckhead to worry about. XD If I do take Flynn I'll definitely let you know. :)

Chikinpoo > He is! Especially when he gets all angry and pouty when Yuri does something he doesn't like. XD

White Leviathan avatar

White Leviathan - 3rd September 2010
Wow I really can't wait to see this finished, love Vesperia and know you'll do an awesome job as always!

Pez avatar

Pez - 5th September 2010
Thank you! ^^

MikeJenks avatar

MikeJenks - 5th September 2010
Those boots are amazing!! 8D
Love all the progress so far! :]

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 6th September 2010
Pez, this is AMAZING!!! I'm completely in love with your armour and boots~ What was the paint you used since you pulled off the latex mix? Unless I didnt catch it.

But seriously, I'm looking forward to seeing this complete~

Pez avatar

Pez - 6th September 2010
D Kid > oh yeah I forgot to talk about that. XDDD That's "Rub N' Buff" in "silver leaf" colour. The foam still needed to be sealed first. Then after applying Rub N' Buff and leaving it to dry for a day, I sealed it again with PVA. (failed the first time by sealing it too early, which made the metal colour become really dull.)

Thanks very much! ^________^

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 6th September 2010
Oooh, I keep forgetting about that stuff, didnt know we got it over here. It's great to see what it looks like, cause it's looking fantastic~

Exelia avatar

Exelia - 7th September 2010
This looks AMAZING so far! Your progress shots are great, that leg armour looks awesome. Good luck with it, can't wait to see it finished!!

Pez avatar

Pez - 9th September 2010
Mike & Taurto > Thanks guys! I just hope I'll be able to walk around in the armoured boots... because the armour sticks out at the sides, I need to remember to walk "manly", with my legs wider apart than usual. XDDD

SephNoir avatar

SephNoir - 10th September 2010
This is just stunning! It's looking more and more amazing with each update. The craftsmanship is just beautiful!

Natsumi avatar

Natsumi - 12th September 2010
Oh man you've made my yeaaar! XD This looks AMAZING! I really hope I get the chance to see it in person, I'm super impressed with the armour. 0_0

My Ritas pretty much finished, but I'll be making Estelle for expo, if I can work out those crazy weird boots. XD It would be cool to have a photo taken! I hope I see you there! ^_^

MangaChild avatar

MangaChild - 13th September 2010

i cant wait to see this at Hyper Japan

SarahSaiyan avatar

SarahSaiyan - 13th September 2010
this looks amazing so far! LOVE the booties XD Can't wait to see this, it'll be awesome win! :D

Pez avatar

Pez - 14th September 2010
Thanks everyone! :)))) There's still a lot to do, I hope I can finish this in time for HJ...

Natsumi > Oooh that's cool~ I don't know if I will wear this at Expo, the armour might get crushed by the crowds. XD But I'll definitely look for you there!

Flick avatar

Flick - 16th September 2010
The armour (and everything else) looks amazing! Mind if I ask what you're making it from? (:

Good luck getting it finished!

Pez avatar

Pez - 17th September 2010
Flick > :)))) Thank you! Um the pauldrons are made of papier mache + paper clay for the round bit, and plastazote for the rim bit. The rest of the armour are mostly made out of EVA foam!

MikeJenks avatar

MikeJenks - 17th September 2010
You're making a Flynn fanboy very happy so far 8D
Stupid Xbox doesn't let us play with him D'8
Can't wait to see this finished!

Pez avatar

Pez - 17th September 2010
Mike > Thanks ^________^ Yeah, I'm so annoyed by the lack of Flynn on Xbox. Why does every "Xbox exclusive" game becomes a PS3 game later, and the PS3 version always has bonus stuff? :(

Sammykins avatar

Sammykins - 17th September 2010
Ah I hear you on that one >.< I haven't reached the bit where he joins the team, but I would love for his costumes to be available on the xbox version.

So is expo still a no go? 'Cause I know lots of people who would love to see this in person (me included!)

Clood avatar

Clood - 20th September 2010
This is looking fabulous as ever <3
Can't wait to see it at Hyper Japan~

Pez avatar

Pez - 21st September 2010
Clood > thanks! :) you're going to HJ too? Will you be in costume? I'll look out for you!

Sammykins> still not sure, sorry xD I think I'll decide after Hyper Japan since that'll test how sturdy and comfy this costume is, and whether or not it will survive expo!

timpey avatar

timpey - 26th September 2010
oww wow this is looking realy good, looks like you've put in alot of work. really looks great cant wait to see the finished cosplay

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 27th September 2010
Looks awesome.. can't wait to photograph it! and you of course! ^.^

Pez avatar

Pez - 1st October 2010
Thank you guys ^^ On and off it's taken about 2 months! Oh god I tried everything on last night, moving is...... not too difficult, but also not very easy! XD This is going to be interesting to wear.

Alyx avatar

Alyx - 1st October 2010
O_O God! You're so epicly talented! This is looking incredible!

Kouji avatar

Kouji - 2nd October 2010
omg... just wow OO!

Pez avatar

Pez - 2nd October 2010
Aylx & Kouji > ^///^ Thank you! It's, erm, not too easy to move in. XD I'm hoping no bits will fall off...

MikeJenks avatar

MikeJenks - 2nd October 2010

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 2nd October 2010
This looks so epic. Love the armour.

DrunkleyCP avatar

DrunkleyCP - 2nd October 2010
Wow!!! Just... Wow!!!

Sammykins avatar

Sammykins - 2nd October 2010
Wow! Aww, I hope it survives hyper japan! It's horrible when things break! It looks fantastic!

SarahSaiyan avatar

SarahSaiyan - 3rd October 2010
Costume looked awesome today, I got lots of pictors X3!! You make a great Flynn ^_^

Nocturnal Blossom avatar

Nocturnal Blossom - 3rd October 2010
This was SO AWESOME. We loved you and your manliness <3<3<3

Monkey avatar

Monkey - 3rd October 2010
So Epic! I wants your armour!

(And your manliness! Phwoar!)

Zelda avatar

Zelda - 3rd October 2010
You looked absolutely amazing!!! Stunning work as usual ^^ <3

NightmareWings avatar

NightmareWings - 3rd October 2010
You looked amazing my love! I loved it so much.

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Anonymous - 3rd October 2010
This is so much win @___@ I absolutely adore this! You look so amazing as Flynn!

MangaChild avatar

MangaChild - 3rd October 2010
I love this soooo much :)

You cant understand how much I was looking forward to seeing it and it exceeded every thing i could imagine

I cant wait to see it again at the ball :D

Bambi. avatar

Bambi. - 3rd October 2010
eeeeeeeeeeeee its you! You looked amazing hun! <3

Pez avatar

Pez - 4th October 2010
(I thought I replied, but apparently it didn't go through...)

fdjfhskfhlskafs thanks guys!!!

Noctural Blossom & Monkey > *struts like a manly man* XDDDDDDDD I was walking more like a robot really! Great seeing you guys again. Couldn't see your performance on the day but managed to find a video, loved it! You guys deserved to win. <3 But please think of me when you're in Japan! XDDDD

MangaChild > Thanks so much! I kept wanting to poke your arms. Great seeing you yesterday, let's chat again at the ball. :D

Emzone avatar

Emzone - 4th October 2010
I loved both of your costumes!
You portrayed Flynn so perfectly *w*

Amy-Lou avatar

Amy-Lou - 4th October 2010
Top notch Flynn! I am in awe of that armour it looks perfect.

VeXerLINK avatar

VeXerLINK - 4th October 2010
I love your Flynn and I still can't get over how awesome your armour looked XD You really have done a great job with Flynn! I love your cape too *flails* :3


Pez avatar

Pez - 4th October 2010
Amy-Lou > Thank you :))))))))))))))

Emzone & Tanuki-Otaku > Thank you so much! I loved your costumes too, nothing beats seeing the costumes in person. Glad to have met you guys. <3

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Anonymous - 4th October 2010
Really awesome costume. The armour looked so well made.

Pez avatar

Pez - 6th October 2010
Xiao-Lang > Thank you very much! :))))

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Ranma1-2 - 7th December 2010
Superb! How do you make armour like that!! Amazing skills. :)

Pez avatar

Pez - 8th December 2010
Thanks Steve. ^^ It was the first time I tried to make anything this sort of scale, I'm glad it worked!

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 29th March 2011
This is all kinds of epic. I loves it. The armour and the cape are made of win.

Pez avatar

Pez - 5th April 2011
Thanks Emma. <3 <3 <3

M.Kesaiyn avatar

M.Kesaiyn - 19th March 2013
I absolutely adored Tales of Vesperia when I was able to play it.
I'd like to do Yuri and Duke soon. Wonderful job on Flynn! Stunning as always Pez.