Misa Amane
Death Note Anime

Cosplayer: Sailorette

Variant: Gothic Lolita (singing version)

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

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Anonymous - 25th June 2010
Yey theres a Amane Misa san going ^_^ what day are you going as her ?

Sailorette avatar

Sailorette - 18th July 2010
Hi! I went yesterday :) I got in at 9am but left around 1ish. I was just too tired >.< but a few people took photos of me, so I guess it was worth the agony in heels haha ^^..pictures up soon! xo

Clover-tan avatar

Clover-tan - 18th July 2010
Misa-chan~! Yay, your cosplay is finished! It looks great~! ^__^

Sailorette avatar

Sailorette - 18th July 2010
Thank you! Aside from being extremely tired, it was lots of fun ^^ definitely looking forward to expo now! Can't wait to do Maka and Nurse Joy :)

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Anonymous - 18th July 2010
You make a very cute Misa san X3

Sailorette avatar

Sailorette - 19th July 2010
Thank you ^^ only wish i stayed longer to take pictures with you as Light ^^

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Anonymous - 19th July 2010
Yer i would of been awesome ^_^

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rosieroo - 3rd June 2011
yay misa misa - shes epic x

Sailorette avatar

Sailorette - 6th June 2011
Thank you! I do love this version of her xD x

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JustPeachy - 5th July 2011
So gorgeous! The dress is just beautiful! You look so muchh like her!

Sailorette avatar

Sailorette - 12th July 2011
Thank you ^__^ I was thinking of selling the dress and making my own one from scratch