Final Fantasy IV

Cosplayer: Archer

Variant: All of her forms ^_^

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

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Anonymous - 28th May 2010

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Archer - 28th May 2010
Wait till you see the rest of it ^_^ Pics will be put up as soon as i get back on monday ^_^ I'm so proud of it lol ^_^

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Silantre - 1st June 2010
Yey! My Rasler ^^ *hugs*

I couldn't believe when you turned to me and recognised my ame,, that was pure fate, otherwise we wouldn't have know who eachother were XD

I still can't get over how pretty this costume was, all the flowing fabric, and your attention to the details was amazing, you look sooo pretty in it ^^, I'm just sad I didn't get to see you preoperly on stage =(, but hey even from the back it looked incredible XD

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ElegantAura - 1st June 2010
Beautiful, such a wonderful Rydia, so pleased to see at expo ^_^

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AmethystEyes - 1st June 2010
You look lovely! There are nowhere near enough Final Fantasy 4 cosplayers!

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Angelphie - 1st June 2010
Love all the detail, your fabric choices and those arm drape things! Awesome costume.

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FusionRose - 2nd June 2010
you made an absolutely amazing rydia hun =D

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GoldieNeko - 2nd June 2010
You look amazing! I could never ask to be summoned by any other cosplayer XD Fantastic job

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Zelda - 4th June 2010
Best rydia ever ^^ You have really inspired me to create more amano work ^^. I really hope to see this out again. x

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BlusterSquall - 4th June 2010
I have a lot of love for anyone who cosplays Rydia, she's one of my favourite characters, and you cosplayed her wonderfulyl. The costume is really gorgeous. :3

I wanted to let you know I got some photos of you in the masquerade, they're on my flickr account here if you wanted to have a look:

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Archer - 4th June 2010
She will most definately be coming out again Kara :D I'm hoping to add some more to her in time for Amecon.

Thanks for the pics silver, you got some really brilliant shots ^_^ Rydia really is such a cool character :D I'm so glad people liked this costume as i'd have felt like i let Rydia down if i'd done a poor job lol.

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Mangamad - 5th June 2010
Nice. ^^b

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LekLek - 5th June 2010
your rydia was the sex, we needed to get more pictures together

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BakaBakaRangers - 6th June 2010
Thanks for your comment on my Hope cosplay 8D
I loved your cosplay, it was amazing! *3*

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Zelda - 13th June 2010
Can i just say, that picture you named the original summoner is so so pretty ^^ b=def the best pic of your rydia! I love it!

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FusionRose - 13th June 2010
hun you gonna bring this to amecon coz i think my rosa will be finished for then and it would be awesome to have piccys with your rydia ^_^ x

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Archer - 14th June 2010
Thankies about the picture ^_^ I love it lol. And Rydia will most deffo be at amecon ^_^ Would love shots with your rosa :D

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FusionRose - 14th June 2010
woooo that's what i like to hear ^_^ x

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Zelda - 14th June 2010
Please don't bring the rings again lol o.0 or tape them to your fingers XD

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FusionRose - 14th June 2010
I agree with Kara! Actually, make MORE rings =D

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VeXerLINK - 14th June 2010
Hey, I loved your costume so much... it was beautiful :3

I kept finding your ring backstage if you remember me :D

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Archer - 14th June 2010
I do remember you lol. Thanks so much for the help with that. And technically kara it was only one ring i was having trouble witth lol. I'll make another one to wear above it lol and hopefully keep it in place.

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Sasashie - 29th June 2010
loved this hun if ure looking for the photos we had taken together on the sunday let me know xx

loved having a Rydia to go with my Rosa xx

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- - 5th July 2010
really fantastic. i walked past you so many times as lightning~
you really looked outstanding.

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DuskatNight - 14th October 2010
This looked amazing when I saw you!
You've done a really fantastic job!

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Kouji - 20th October 2010
your rydia is absolutely stunning *w*

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M.Kesaiyn - 1st July 2011
Awesome Rydia.

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Clover-tan - 4th July 2011
Great photo! You look stunning~! :D

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Kacela - 4th July 2011
This is so beautiful =]

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Plasticsharkattack - 4th July 2011

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Eloraborealis - 4th July 2011
You look amazing, love it! :P

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BabemRoze - 4th July 2011
Absolutley gorgeous!!