Hayate Yagami
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's

Cosplayer: Ichigo-Chan

Variant: Dark Knight

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

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Amecon 2016

29th July 2012: Wing test Only managed to beable to attach 2 pairs of wings onto the cosplays, so need to figure out how to attach the last pair which will be placed somewhere below my waist.

This is my first attempt of making wings, so the final result did not turn out the way I wanted though too late to re-make.

6th June 2012: Wing progress Already made 3 wings, so 3 left to go though it does not mean I am half way because I only made the smaller sized wings. The bottom 2 wings are the largest which I will take more longer to make and it will mean my poor fingers will have to suffer the pain of burning myself with the hot glue gun.

The wings do not look symmetric in the photo because of the angle T_T
All the wires will be sorted out once I complete all 6 wings, then the hard part maybe finding a way to attach them to the costume.

2nd June 2012: Wings! One down and 5 more to go.

This is my first attempt of making wings, so not the best wing I've made, but we all live and learn, so hopefully my next set of pair of wings will be a lot better.

Wing was made by using wire, chicken wire, foam and loads of feathers and hot glue gun sticks.

20th May 2012: Wig, hair clip and hat complete Wig - I trimmed the wig to make it thinner and up to shoulder length. Took overall more then 2 hours. Never knew cutting wigs will take so long, nevertheless the wig looks a lot better and more tidy.

Hair clip - Made out of foam covered in cotton, then painted with arcylics. The clip is attached to the wig by gluing a clip at the back of the cross. The clip however looks a lot bigger on the mannequin head due to the small sized mannequin.

Hat - This is my first attempt of making a hat and everything was made by guess work. Overall I am not too happy how it turned out, but at least it fits on my head with the wig.

15th May 2012: Barrier Jacket complete Sleeves and cuffs are added onto the barrier jacket which means it's complete.

13th May 2012: Costume 75% Costume is finally getting somewhere and it's begining to look like Hayate.
I still got to make the hat, hairclip, sleeves, cuffs, trim the wig and those 6 KILLER wings!!!

All the applique work on the dress is finally complete and I used too much spools of thread. I swear this is so time consuming and it does not help my sewing machine kept on jaming, so all the stitching is not neat. Ah well, it's done and can't change it.

I also, started to work on the puffy sleeves on the barrier jacket. I can not stress how much I HATE making puffy sleeves, especially since I can not find no real pattern, so always have to create my own. At least it turned out okay-ish.

22nd April 2012: Over skirt 80% complete I made the gold pannels on the over skirt using foam, cotton, buttons and painted with arcylics. They are attached to the overskirt with velcro which makes packing more easier to fit everything in my luggage

I mainly used Hayate A's version references to make the gold pannels since the images are more clear in the artbook though I made a big mistake by not realising the pannels shapes are different in StrikerS version. ah well, too late to change now.

7th April 2012: Slow progress, but it still continues Hayate progress so far (ignore my derpy face) and I'm so bloodly slow, not much progress since 3 months ago, however managed to do a lot of work on the belt thingy.

I like how the 4 inch KILLER heels makes me look a lot taller and thinner in photos though it's not something important as Hayate is not meant to be a tall character. I might buy another pair of shoes with a smaller heel, but not going to bother looking because I'm a weird shoe size 3 1/2 and where the hell can I find shoes my size???

I broke more then 4 machine needles whlist making the belt due to the layers of fabric being too thick and was down to the very last needle. I ended up hand sewing most of the belt to avoid anymore damage to my lovely sewing machine and it took more then 6 bloodly hours to hand sew..... NEVER again hand sewing!!!!
Hopefully the rest of the costume will not take too long to make since I'll be using a sewing machine unless the machine needle hates the costume again <.<"

2nd January 2012: Costume progress so far Not the best picture because the costume is placed on a half-mannequin and the overskirt camaflagues with the dress, but you get the idea of the costume.

So far all the materials are left over fabric from various cosplays including Fate, Nanoha and Sakura. I'm not too happy with the dress since the pattern failed as I have a weird size. My waist is way too large, hence no patterns works for me and I have to work my way round creating my own pattern.

12th December 2011: Shoes I brought these from Peacocks for £20. I don't usually like to spend more then £15 on cosplay shoes, then again it's difficult to find plain black boots like Hayate's in size 3, also I'm lazy to cover up shoes in black, so had no choice but to buy this pair. Anyways, Hayate shoes are casaul-like, so can wear these outside of cosplay too.

I've added the gold crosses myself by cutting them out from foam, then layered with cotton and painted with gold arcylics.

13th June 2010: Staff complete! Yey! my friend will be glad to know that I have finished making Hayate's staff for his crossplay. I just hope it looks okay and he will like it. Staff was painted with arcylics and I used white satin ribbon for the white areas of the handle.

Head of the staff is a little wrinkled, but hard to tell unless you look very closely and there are a few paint stains on certain parts of the staff, so will clean it up whenever I complete Fate's Zanber.

Muwhahahahaha! I will be stealing back the staff whenever I get my Hayate costume completed which will be in errrrrm..... 2012 onwards?

11th June 2010: Staff W.I.P 2 The base of the staff is now completed yey! So will paint the staff which is the fun part and then it will be done and dusted!

17th May 2010: Staff W.I.P Spirit_of_the_stage will be happy to hear that I already started working on the staff. Hope it will turn out okay!

1st left ~ A broom handle brought from Wilkinsons for a bargin of £0.67

2nd left ~ broom handle covered with paper marche!

2nd right ~ Working on the shapes of the handle

1st right ~ Staff head in progress

k4tt avatar

k4tt - 11th June 2010
>__< It's nice to see you uploading more Nanoha cosplays!! ^__^ I might persuade miruru at some point to bring out her original S1 cosplay ;)

Ichigo-Chan avatar

Ichigo-Chan - 13th June 2010
That would be awesome! I would love to get pictures with her Nanoha, if she ever decides to wear her cosplay again.
To be honest I never intended to do loads of Nanoha cosplays until my friend decided to do many more Nanoha cosplays which convinced me to do many more cosplays from this series.

Dusttee avatar

Dusttee - 13th June 2010
oh wow *O*
The staff looks amazing.

Dark_Angel_15 avatar

Dark_Angel_15 - 19th December 2010
Ohh, i wanna Cosplay someone from this.

Ichigo-Chan avatar

Ichigo-Chan - 22nd December 2010
@ Dusttee
Thank you

@ Dark_Angel_15
You should! would be nice if you did because the world needs more Nanoha cosplayers ^^

Pandora-Chi avatar

Pandora-Chi - 12th December 2011
WOW!! O.o that staff is amazing!! Dammmn girl you really have to teach me how to make weapons and props ^^

Lady Bahamut avatar

Lady Bahamut - 13th May 2012
Looking really epic! You're so good at detailing :D

Ranma1-2 avatar

Ranma1-2 - 13th May 2012
Thats great work Ichigo-Chan, progress is looking really good.
6 broken needles - How can you do that to your poor sewing machine!?