Tsubasa REservoir Chronicles

Cosplayer: Archer

Variant: Artbook Image

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Amecon 2010

11th August 2010: Soooooooo close So i started this cosplay on Sunday and quickly realsied that the 5 meters of white fabric i had bought was short....way short. So while the dress itself is now done i just need to finish her armw armers off. It's really heavy too with over 8 meteres of white fabric, three of black, 16 mtrs of pink ribbon, one meter of gold fabric and half a meter of weighs a ton, no wonder Sakura's sitting down in the picture lol.

Anywho can't wait to wear it at the ball :D

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Anonymous - 18th April 2010
this will look amazing! can't wait to help you make this :D and by help I mean sit around watching you make it! :)

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Anonymous - 20th April 2010
Love Sakura! So glad your making this.

Archer avatar

Archer - 20th April 2010
It shall be the worlds most epic dress lol.

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Anonymous - 20th April 2010
Haha it'll look awesome though, I can come help you guys out, I get bored on my own and I need to start my paine custome, it'll take me too long otherwise.

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Zelda - 26th August 2010
This was so amazing, you looked so beautiful! so much effort must of gone into making this ^^.

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HatsuneHawke - 10th March 2011
I remember seeing you in this! you looks so pretty =3